Lauren Alaina Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Early life, Career and personal life

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Lauren Alaina Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Early life, Career and personal life
Quick Info
Birth Name: Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $800 thousand

Lauren Alaina is a singer and lyricist from the United States of America. Her birth sign is Scorpio. She became famous after becoming a runner-up in the musical reality show American Idol Season 10 in 2011. She debuts her first album titled Wildflower which was aired on 11 October 2011. Lauren Alaina is also defined as one of the young and hottest rising stars in the music industry. Her singing type is generally country music genre.

Early Life

Lauren was born on 8 November 1994 in Rossville, Georgia, USA. Her father is J.J. Suddeth, a process technician in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her mother name is Kristy. Alaina had her interest in singing from her childhood as she started singing when she was only three years old. Her mother found singing talent and passion in her. Alaina performed in public for the first time in school in a group of singing kids and in a yearly vacation event along with karaoke music of the song. She continued singing in restaurants, church, family meetings and also in various places around her place. When Alaina was eight, she got participated and won the talent show titled as the Southern Stars Pageant. She was also selected as a performer on the stage show for talented kids which was held at the Riverbend Festival of Chattanooga. She continued her performance on the festival stage yearly until she seceded to win the bigger competition at the age of twelve. Then, she got a chance to display her talents on the bigger stage programs on various festivals.

Lauren Alaina went to Orlando to participate in the competition like American Model at the small age of ten. She was able to win the competition, defeating out one thousand and five hundred kid contestants. She also got a chance to sing with the group of children performers of the Country Gospel Music Association of Georgia. Alaina went in her first musical trip to Nashville, Tennessee when she was only twelve years old. She also sang at local lounges on Broadway like Tootsies. Alaina also became the first title holder of the show called Winnie STAR youth talent competition. The event was held in Lake Winnie amusement park which is located in Georgia. She also wrote various songs when she was performing in the contest.

She was encouraged in a singing sector by her beloved cousin named Holly. Holly was suffering from a disease called brain tumor. Besides singing, Alaina also did a job at CiCi’s Pizza before her television appearances. She studied from Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School located in Georgia. She was also a cheerleader in her school. She also has an elder brother whose name is Tyler Suddeth.


Lauren Alaina participated in Nashville audition for the show American Idol season ten in 2011. She became a favorite contestant to judges from her early audition. Her performances were highly praised by the judges. A day was also announced as “Lauren Alaina Day” on 14 May 2011 for her respect in her hometown.  Alaina was affirmed as the first runner-up of the show on May 25, 2011. When she became the second in American Idol, she signed contracts with various recordings including Interscope Records and Mercury Nashville along with others 19 Recordings. Instantly after her final in the competition, Alaina aired her solo “Like My Mother Does”. The song succeeded to enlist in rank forty-nine on the Billboard Hot Songs chart and also in the Hot 100 list at number twenty. In its first opening weekend, her solo song sold about 120,000 copies. Her solo “Like My Mother Does” became able to peak at number thirty-six on the Hot Country Songs chart.

After the show ended, Alaina also appeared and gave interviews on various talk shows including The Today Show. Alaina along with McCreery participated at the event of CMT Music Awards which was held in Nashville, Tennessee. Alaina performed for the first time on the stage concert Grand Ole Opry on 9th June which was held in Nashville, Tennessee. She also performed with singer Martina McBride at the Festival of CMA Music Awards. Alaina participated in the musical tour with the American Idols LIVE! Tour 2011. The tour started on 6 July 2011 from West Valley City and concluded in Manila City, Philippines on 21 September 2011.

Alaina’s first album, ‘Wildflower,’ was aired on 11 October of 2011. The album succeeded to enlist in number 5 at the USA Billboard 200 and also sold around sixty-nine thousand copies in its first opening weekend. Its lead solo song, ‘Georgia Peaches,’ was able to reach the Top 30, and became her greatest chart hit up to now. Alaina appeared in several shows on TV and radio for the promotion of her new album. She also sang her single titled “Georgia Peaches” on various shows to promote the songs. She appeared and sang at a profit stage concert on 22 October2011 which was performed for the organization called Women for the Cure. Alaina also performed on the Christmas event on 10 November 2011. She also performed in an event at the White House for the first lady and the president in the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) special on 21 November. She performed the National Anthem of her country at the friendly match between the Green Bay Packer and Detroit Lions. Alaina sang her solo “Georgia Peaches” in live stage program held in American New Year.

Alaina performed in an opening event for Jason’s My Party Tour. She also formed Fans musical tour for several selected dates that started on 5 April 2012, and ended on 1st September 2012. Alaina performed her solo “Georgia Peaches” on the show of American Idol season 11. She performed her solo song “Georgia Peaches” on various shows including The Today Show. Alaina affirmed for the final show in a music event on 16 June 2012, held in her hometown. Her third solo Eighteen Inches from her album was also enlisted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at number 37. The solo song was sent to be broadcast country radio. Alaina also performed an 18-city musical tour to promote her song. Her each show also provided profits to several local charities and helped in raising their funds. She was also selected as one of the Best New Artist of the Year at the 2012 American Country Awards. In 2013, she aired her single ‘Barefoot and Buckwild,’ from her forthcoming sophomore album.

Lauren Alaina started filming career in her debut film “Road Less Traveled”. She starred in a role of Charlotte, an artist who is struggling to balance her upcoming marriage with her career in songwriting. The location for the film is currently indicated in place of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Upcoming Album

Lauren Alaina twitted on 21 January 2013, describing about the beginning of her second album. On 9 May 2013, she also sang a song on the show of American Idol season 12. She also aired a track entitled “Antarctica: One World, One Family” in May 2013. She also aired her cover of the song “My Grown Up Christmas List” on 10 December 2013. She has completed her new sophomore album and she also illustrated that there will be 12 songs in an album. Her upcoming albums has possible of consisting tracks like Breakdown, Same Day, Different Bottle, Doing Fine, Queen of Hearts, Breathe Again, My Kind People, Pretty, and Crashing the Boys Club. Alaina also stated that her new album will be extra comparing to her first album with a new vocal and new brand. She released her new single “Next Boyfriend” on 18 September 2015 and also broadcasted to radio stations on September 28. Her recent single “Road Less Traveled” was aired on 11 July 2016. Alaina is recently active on Keepin’ It Country Musical Tour by Alan Jackson.

Personal Life

Lauren Alaina’s parents separated and declared divorce in 2013. The main reason behind her parent’s separation was her who was an alcoholic person. Her father quit drinking alcohol and became sober in October 2013. Her parents both remarried. When Alaina was in her teenage, she struggled with the unhealthy disturbance in her eating behavior. She wanted to become thin and she was worried about her increasing weight. Laura dropped 25 pounds of her weight in 2011 after being runner-up in American Idol. She performed workout and balanced diet to lose her amazing weight in such an appropriate amount. Recently, she has been managed her weight of only 58 kg. Alaina is a strong devotee of Christian. She also announced that she is also living for Jesus Christ.

Alaina’s career is supervised by Michelle Young of XIX Entertainment. Lauren Alaina was rumored to be dating with Scotty McCreery, a winner of American Idol season ten during May 2011. But, She has been actually dating with Alexander Hopkins as her boyfriend since 2012. Fans of Alaina could know more about her through her official website, She is also connected with social media such as on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc.

Other Musical Releases

  • Alaina aired her solo song “Barefoot and Buckwild” on 7 May 2013. The single succeeded to enlist in number thirty-four at Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. She also sang the song on the American Idol season twelve on 9 May 2013.
  • Alaina released a track entitled “Antarctica: One World, One Family” in May 2013.
  • Alaina aired her cover song of “My Grown Up Christmas List” on 10 December 2013.
  • Alaina has completed recording her new sophomore album consisting 12 songs around June 2015.
  • She released her single song “Next Boyfriend” on 18 September 2015.
  • She also recorded a solo song “History” for college football match coverage telecasted by ESPN.
  • Recently, Alaina aired her single titled “Road Less Traveled” on 11 July 2016. On 8 September 2016, she performed on TV show called The Today Show.
  • Alaina is recently active in musical tour of Alan Jackson.

Interesting Facts

  • Her favorite Dessert is Cheesecake and Color is Baby Blue.
  • She always eats only a top part of pizza leaving the base part of it.
  • She believes Carrie Underwood as her greatest idol.
  • Alaina has claimed publicly that she has dedicated her life for Jesus Christ. She is a strong devotee of Christianity.
  • Alaina received the inspiration to become a singer from her dying cousin Holly Witherow.
  • She has also performed a job at CiCi’s Pizza before her appearance on television shows
  • She has auditioned several times for the show named America’s Got Talent.
  • Alaina wrote the songs such as “Leaving” and “Set Me Free”
  • She has also own a tortoise and kept its name as Squirt.
  • She never like odd numbers and thinks it’s unlucky for her.
  • While sleeping, she always covers her head under blankets or clothes.
  • She blindly believes in superstitions.


  1. Studio Album:
Title Released Date Formats
wildflower 11 October 2011 CD and Digital downloads
  1. Compilation Album:
Title Released Date: Formats
American Idol s 10: Lauren Alaina 24 May 2011 Digital Download
  1. Extended Plays:
Title Released Date Formats
American Idol s 10 Highlights: Lauren Alaina 28 June 2011 CD and Digital downloads
Lauren Alaina 2 October 2015 CD and Digital downloads
  1. Solo Songs:
Title Album Released Date Sales
Like My Mother Does Wildflower 2011 398,000
Georgia Peaches Wildflower 2011 189,000
Eighteen Inches Wildflower 2012 39,000
Barefoot And Buckwild Non-Album Solo 2013 28,000
Next Boyfriend Lauren Alaina 2015 10,000
Road Less Traveled Lauren Alaina 2016 40,000
  1. Promotional Singles:
Title Released Date Album
My Grown Up Christmas list 2013 Non-Album single
History 2015 Lauren Alaina
  1. Charted Songs:
Title Released Dates Album US country Digital Chart
Dirt Road Prayer 2011 Wildflower 20
The Middle 2011 Wildflower 49
  1. Music Videos:
Title Released Date Director
Like My Mother Does 2011 Shaun Silva
Georgia Peaches 2012 David McClister
Next Boyfriend 2016 TK McKamy
Road Less Traveled 2016 Chris Hicky

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