Katelyn Jae – Kane Brown’s Wife

Published Date   05th Mar. 2020, 11:15 am
Katelyn Jae – Kane Brown’s Wife Do you know who singer Kane Brown's wife is? Why not find out? And while you're at it, let's know about her as well. Image Source: Katelyn's Instagram.
Quick Info
Birth Name: Katelyn Jae
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Birth Sign: Gemini
Spouse: Kane Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blond
Date of Birth: 19/06/1992
Age: 30 years old
Nationality: American
College: Berklee College of Music
Children: Kingsley Rose Brown

Have you ever heard your friend or someone say that they can speak a lot of different languages? There may not be many who understand them, though. But there is one language that certainly most people understand, and no, it’s not English. It is the language of Music.

Certainly, everyone listens to music, and people communicate through it. But among the millions of musicians, there are some exceptional ones. One of these exceptions is Kane Brown. Fans are always trying to learn about him as much as possible, including his personal life. And what is one personal thing that people want to know about? His love life!

So, let’s find out all there is to know about Kane Brown’s wife, Katelyn Jae, to answer any and all questions about Kane’s partner that you might have.

Did You Know That Kane Brown’s Wife Katelyn Is A Singer?

Yes, that’s right. The singer is married to a singer, and their melody is just out of the world. I mean, what better for a singer to have a wife who understands music as nicely as her, if not better? But when did it all start for Katelyn Jae Brown?

Well, it turns out that she started learning music quite early. Katelyn Jae’s singing career began when she was merely a three year old. But because she was just a kid with a microphone for fun, she was not a professional. Nevertheless, one could easily recognize a genius when they have one singing a melody in front of their face.

Singer Katelyn Jae

Katelyn started singing from the age of three and was recognized quite early. Image Source: Katelyn’s Instagram.

By the time Katelyn was in grade six, her teacher had already asked Katelyn’s parents to have her attend a music school. Katelyn Jae’s parents did the same, and it was around this time that her gift truly outshone the rest.

From then, she entered West Chester University. In 2008, Katelyn became the top fifth in the 2008 International Model and Talent Association conference and, in 2010/11, represented the US in the Avon Voices International Talent Search. Guess all of that paid off, huh?

Did You Hear How Rich Katelyn Jae Is?

Having said all that, it would only make sense if the singer had a net worth fitting her past. And it doesn’t seem to be wrong.

Ever since Katelyn began making music professionally, the number of her fans increased dramatically. And now Katelyn Jae’s net worth is estimated to be a few hundred thousand, at least. Yes, it may not be as high as her husband, Kane Brown’s net worth at $6 million, but for someone who started not too long ago, the amount is quite big.

Katelyn Jae's net worth and income

Katelyn Jae’s net worth is estimated to be a few hundred thousand. Image Source: Katelyn’s Instagram.

Along with her music, Katelyn Brown’s collection for eyewear is available at Diff Eyewear. Katelyn Brown’s eyewear is available for $85 each, and some are for $95. The two-pack of her collection are available for $170, and the four-packs are for $340. Maybe soon, Katelyn Jae’s net worth will be made available to the public, but until then, there is still quite a bit to know about Katelyn Jae.

When Did The Wedding Happen?

Sure, when you talk about a couple, especially a celebrity, you’d want to know where and when the two got married. Well, if you are looking to find out, then we have the answer right here.

Kane Brown's marriage

Kane and Katelyn’s marriage was fancy yet elegant. Image Source: Katelyn’s Instagram.

To start off, Kane Brown’s proposal happened in a…..not so…..romantic kind of way. One day, after about eight months of dating, the couple spent their Easter Sunday of 2017(April 16, 2017) watching The Amityville Horror movie. He couldn’t wait any longer and, at the moment, popped the question. It goes without saying that Katelyn said yes.

Then, on October 12, 2018, the two tied the knot. Katelyn and Kane Brown’s wedding took place in Tenessee and included all close friends and family. While still being a little modern, the place offered everything that one would want in an open plain. In fact, Kane even got a tattoo to celebrate the occasion. Kane Brown’s tattoo was a cursive, ‘Katelyn’ with the ‘y’ forming an infinity.

Kane Brown's Katelyn Tattoo

Kane celebrated his marriage with a new ‘Kately n’ tattoo. Image Source: People.

Guess that marriage will be in their hearts and mind (and tattoo) forever. The couple’s bond seems to be strengthening every day, especially since Katelyn is now a mom.

Wait, Who’s A Mom?

If you would look at Katelyn Jae’s pictures, there is one thing you won’t expect her to be, a mom. With her ever glowing beauty and young face, it is hard to imagine someone like her to be a mom. Nonetheless, she is a parent and a beautiful one to boot.

So when was it announced? Well, news of Katelyn and Kane Brown’s children first got out after Kane revealed it to his fans on Instagram on April 15, 2020. It did not take long for fans to truly appreciate how much it meant to the singer. And so people spread the news like wildfire. Before long, everybody knew.


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A post shared by Call Me KB (@kanebrown_music) on Apr 15, 2019 at 2:30pm PDT

Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae’s daughter, Kingsley Rose Brown, was born on October 29, 2019. And when the coupe released the pictures on October 31, nothing could stop the fans from cheering on.

The one thing that every fan must have said to themselves, must have been,’Aww.” And with how cute the baby looks, no one can blame them. Would You?

Did You Know These Facts About Katelyn Jae?

  1. The first season of YOBI.tv’s as well as MySpace’s “Take the Stage” contest winner.
  2. Born and raised in Philadelphia.
  3. The Wedding dress was an open back, mermaid-style gown.
  4. Katelyn Jae’s husband is two years older than her.
  5. She has one million-plus follower on her Instagram page.
  6. Kane Brown wrote the song, ‘Good As You’ for Katelyn.
  7. Katelyn and Kane did not talk to each other when they first met.
  8. Was flown to Nashville by Kane for their first dinner date.
  9. Used to have her own website.

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