Gillian Chung Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Gossip, Discography, Personal Life, Scandals and Incidents

28th Aug. 2017, 01:42 am
Gillian Chung Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Gossip, Discography, Personal Life, Scandals and Incidents
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  • Birth Name: Chung Dik San
  • Date of Birth: Jan 21, 1981
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Net Worth: 5 million US dollars
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Gillian Chung is a famous actress and pop singer from Hong Kong. She has been performing and singing together with Charlene Choi and has been a member of Twins which is a Cantonese Pop Music group. As well as she is also known for her acting skills, after she did her debut role in 2002 in movie U Man but best known for Chan in Beyond Our Ken. She is also involved in part time modelling.

Early Life

Chung was born as Chung Dik San in Hong Kong on 1981, January 21. Her name was changed as Chung Ka-Lai at the age of 2. As her father died in 1982, she and her sister Chung Ji Yan were raised by her mother on her own. She was a brilliant child from her early age. Chung got her education from Kowloon True Light Middle School where she graduated. She also went to Melbourne Australia and joined the William Angliss Institute of TAFE. Her name in English; “Gillian” was given to her during high school days. She used to sing and act in her school, programs and family events from her early age. She was able to grab the attention of a model agency by her appearance and performance for which she worked during 2000. In the same year, she got a job offer from Emperor Entertainment Group. She was on a contract and got training there till she did her debut as an artist. Her manager Mani Fok gave the idea of changing her stage name to Chung Yan-tung.

Early Career

In 2001, she was the member of singing duo along Charlene Choi and recorded songs. On August 2011, their first album was released titled as Twins (AVEP) and in November Twin’s Love was released and the language was Cantonese. Along discography, she also performed in big screen as well as on television. She appeared as Purple Rose in The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra aired on TVB in 2001 and her film debut was in U Man in 2002 as Candy Tong So-sum/ Piggy. She appeared in music video Twins as Gill and appeared in movies in the same year. She was seen as Decimator/Ghost girl in Just One Look, Gillian/ Kiu in If U Care…. and as Kammy Chung Lai-san in Summer Breeze of Love. The duo Twins also released their 5 albums in the same year named as Our Souvenir, Twins (2002 EP), Happy Together, Twins Ichiban Amazing Show and Amazing Album. While in 2003, their other 4 albums were released as Touch of Love, Evolution, Singing in the Twins Wonderland volume 1 and volume 2. In the same year, she appeared in 3 episodes of All About Boyz as Tina, as Gillian in an episode of Triumph in the Skies, as Kiu and music video Love in the Sun as a guest star. She also appeared in the role of Snow White/ Snowie in Happy Go Lucky, Katie Wong in the Colour of the Truth, Gypsy in The Twins Effect, Cream in The Spy Dad, Linda Ting in The Death Curse.


She had recorded a lot of songs which had been released in different years in form of singles or in albums. More of her songs were released under EEG by their group Twins but her first solo album was released on 2010 as Everyone Bounce. In 2004, Twins released Magic, Girl Power, Si Xi Lin Men Xi Yung Chun, Volume 3 and Volume 4 of Singing in the Twins Wonderland, 04 Concert and Such A Better Day. See Bi Family, Samba, The Missing Piece and Trainee Cupid were the albums that came in 2005 while in 2006, Ho Hoo Tan, Around the World with 80 Dollars and same time no both concert were released. 2007 released Our Love (sixth anniversary) and Twins Party, 2008 released Gillan’s Words, Charlene’s Speech was their other albums. Gillian EP + Twins in 2010, 3650 Twins tenth Anniversary special in 2011 and 2 Be Free in 2012 were the other albums released by Twins under EEG. In the year 2010, Chung released another Cantonese EP album named Move On… In 2013, Vernicia Flower was released and in 2014 Wholly Love was released. Wholly Love and Vernicia Flower both were Mandarin Album.

Filmography Career

With singing, composing songs and music, she also has incredible acting talent. She has been involved in various movies in which she portrayed various roles. She did minor roles as well as was a part of big projects too. Her work has been highly appreciated. The other movies which she has played in throughout the years with the roles are enlisted as:

2004 – She showed her versatility as she portrayed different roles in different movies which are:

  • As Chopstick sister in Fantasia
  • As Gillian Lu in Protégé de la Rose Noire
  • As Mandy in Love on the Rocks
  • As Wing in Moving Targets
  • As Blue Bird in The Twins effect II
  • As Chan Wai-ching in Beyond Our Ken
  • As herself in 6 AM

2005 – She appeared in the role of Natalie Yue in House of Fury whereas as Auntie in Bug Me Not!

2006 – She did the role of Lam Siu-chin in movie 49 Days.

2007 – She was seen in the movie Twins Mission aka Let’s Steal Together as the alternate title as Pearl whereas as Rain in Naraka 19 and as Cheng Sze-wai in Trivial Matters.

2008 – She was appointed to the role of Fu Zhifang in Forever Enthralled and the role of Belly Dancer in W. but later the scenes she played were removed after photo scandal of Edison Chen.

2010 – She portrayed the character of Sun Shangxiang in the movie Just Another Pandora’s Box and appeared as Yee in movie Ex, as Gillian Law Kiu in The Fantastic Water Babes and also a role in the movie Super Player.

2011 – She did the role of Angel in the film Nightmare.

2013 – She played the character Chan Sei-mui in Ip Man: The Final Fight and Xiao Cui in The Fox Lover and also appeared in the movies Love Retake and The Midas Touch.

Television Appearances

As in movies, her acting performance was equally seen in television series and shows also. Along with the characters she played in her early involvement in television, she is actively participating in other television shows and series till present. Her other television works year by year are:

2004 – She appeared as the guest character of Kiu in Kung Fu Soccer and Home With Baby as well as in Sunshine Heartbeat.

2006 – She was seen in the role of Cheng Lingsu in Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain and as Mandy in Project A.

2007 – She portrayed the character Zhu’er in ATV series The Spirit of the Sword.

2011 – She appeared as Baixi Xianyue / Ding Yao in series The Holy Pearl and in the role of Xie Yaohuan in Da Tang Nu Xun An in this year.

2012 – She did the character of Tian Mao Nu / Qiao Miao / and fairy Xian Zi in The appy Marshal.

2013 – On the series aired on CCTV named Wheel of Fortune, she made her appearance as Eighth Princess.

Recent Years

In recent years, she has worked for Swords of Legends that was aired on Hunan TV in 2014 as Princess Xun Feng. Similarly, in that year she was also seen in the movie Who is Undercover. She did various roles in different movies that came in 2015; Kickball, The Wasted Times and The Spirit of the Swords. In 2016, she did a character in the movie A Chinese Odyssey Part Three. She has also been chosen for different projects that are to be aired and released in upcoming years. Some are in the way of production and some are to be filmed. She had also been planning on releasing her next album and preparing for the record. Her fans are eagerly waiting for her upcoming roles and songs.

Scandals and Incidents

She had been popular in different scandals and incidents related to her in different years. She had been affected by those incidents personally as well as had affected in her career. During the year 2006, while she was in Genting Highlands, Malaysia preparing for a concert, her photographs were taken while she was in private changing room which later were published in Easy Finder Magazine. She protested against the magazine also getting support from Andy Lau and Jackie Chan. The founder of magazine later apologized for the guilt.

Similarly, in 2008, she was also involved with the photo scandal of Edison Chen. The scandal was about the photos of Hong Kong female celebrities with Edison Chen that were sexually explicit. Someone posted those photo online. She later apologized to public and fans for her behavior. The incident also followed negative reactions and complaints on her appearance in Jade Solid Gold. She was also withdrawn from the opening ceremony in 2008 Summer Olympics in which she had been appointed to perform. Her appearance from movies W and Forever Enthralled were also withdrawn from the scenes of the movies. She had to face a great loss personally and financially due to the incidents. She later apologized to everyone with a revelation that she led herself to a contemplated suicide due to the incident.

Other Works and interests

During her career gap following the scandals, she utilised her leisure engaging herself in different classes. She had different hobbies and interest like dancing, gymnastics, Kung Fu and so on. She attended different classes of acting, dancing, Kung Fu, singing and gymnastics and got professional trained so that she could use her skills in her career. She has also worked in different advertisements and endorsements. She appeared in different types of videos. In 2009, she appeared in a video in which she showed various expressions through art emotionally. She has been involved with different organisations and also worked for charity programs. She has also been a part of different events, programs, shows and award functions. She had done many credited and uncredited performances.

Personal Life and Family

Chung was born in the middle class family in Hong Kong. After her father’s death at the age of 1 year old, her mother took care of her and her sibling. Her every wish were fulfilled and her interest in acting and singing was supported in her family. She has good relation with her family friends, co-workers and friends. She has very cute and charming personality with good appearance. Her name had been connected with many celebrities from South Korea and Hong Kong. There is various news about her relation being linked in affairs but there are no any pieces of evidence or confirmation from herself too to prove these rumours being true. It was rumored that she had romantic relation with Juno Mak in 2006 which ended in 2010 and had been in an affair with singer Kenji Wu from Taiwan but was later Chung denied of those relation rumours. She was in a relationship with Tyler Kwon from Korea but separated from her boyfriend ending their relation in 2013. Chung is single now.

Facts, Body Measurements and Net Worth

Chung’s nationality in Chinese and her ethnicity is Han Chinese. Her birth zodiac sign is Aquarius and religion is convicted of being Buddhism. She is 36 years of age but she has maintained her body and appearance that she looks so much younger than her age. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches (= 1.60 meters). Her body type is slim banana with a size of 30-23-33 and bra size is 30B. Her eye and hair color are dark brown. She appears in movies and different programs as a charming personality so that she has got many fans and followers on social sites and other internet mediums. She had appeared in many movies, television shows, series, and videos and featured in different covers of magazines and stories as well as in advertisements from which her net worth has been boosted to 5 million US dollars.

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