Dong Mingzhu Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Son, Leadership, Career

Published Date   05th Aug. 2017, 22:44 pm
Dong Mingzhu Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Son, Leadership, Career
Quick Info
Birth Name: Dong Mingzhu
Nationality: Chinese
Qualification: Graduate in 1975 with a major in Statistics

Dong Mingzhu is a well-known Chinese businesswoman who is known best as “one of the toughest businesswomen in China. Dong Mingzhu net worth is known to be high and sourced from her work as the chairperson of the company Gree Electrics Appliances. Dong Mingzhu leadership has taken her to be dubbed as one a Forbes Asia “Woman in the Mix”.


The distinguished and talented Chinese businesswoman, Dong Mingzhu is the chairwoman of the electronic appliances manufacturing company Gree Electric. Dong Mingzhu’s career in business has been turbulent initially but has eventually turned out to be triumphant. Dong Mingzhu net worth has helped her be regarded as one of the world’s most powerful woman in business due to her remarkable work in Gree. Dong Mingzhu leadership is regarded to be tough and productive thus she has been regarded often as the Most Influential Chinese Businesswomen.

Early Life

Dong Mingzhu was born in 1954 in Zhuhai, China. Mingzhu was born in a working class family. She spent most of her childhood days with her six siblings. She had always dreamt of becoming a soldier when she grew up.


Dong went on to receive her education from a specialized institute in Wuhu. Dong went on to graduate in 1975 with a major in Statistics. She then thought of taking a job in a government agency.

Early Career

Dong eventually went on to work for a government chemistry laboratory based in Nanjing. She worked there for 15 long years. At the course of time, Dong’s husband died which was a very sad and difficult period of time in her life. After she did not find satisfaction in the job she was doing, Dong went on to find other jobs.

Gree Electric

At the age of 36, Dong went on to leave her son with his grandmother. Dong Mingzhu son was only 3 years old when she left to quit her job as a government employee. Dong moved to Zhuhai based in Guangdong province and began searching for jobs.

Eventually, she went on to work at Haley (now Gree Electric) as a salesperson. At the initial days of her work, she had already been recovering huge debts for the company which was remarkable and appreciated. She was made the head of sales. Dong went on to become the deputy president of the company when Gree become public. She then was sent to the position of the president of the company in 2001. She then went on to take the position of the Chairwoman of Gree Electric in 2012. Also she was the chairwomen of Gree Electric’s parent company Gree Group.

During Dong’s time in Gree there have been positive and statistical increases in the revenue of Gree. Dong Mingzhu career has raised up along with Gree. Dong took the company and made it the world’s largest household air conditioning unit maker. Gree also went on to become China’s largest household appliance maker when it made revenue of 140 billion Yuan in 2014. Under her management tactics, the company also went real-time from traditional sales. At close inspection, since the day of her arrival at Gree, the company’s revenue has risen by 2300%. At present, Gree is known to be worth $22.5 billion.

Under Dong Mingzhu leadership Gree Electric is looking at solar energy, new technology, robotic technology, recycling treatment centers, and more. Gree also acquired Yinlong, the electric car maker in March 2016.

Net Worth & Salary

Dong Mingzhu net worth is known to be in billions as per many sources. Dong Mingzhu net worth will see a rise in the coming days through the success of Gree in the smart technology arena in the future. Dong Mingzhu net worth is known to have been amassed through her remarkable work as the chairwoman of the air conditioning manufacturing company Gree Electric Appliances.

Personal Life

Dong Mingzhu is mostly known to be detached to her emotions since the death of her husband. She was married after graduation. Dong Mingzhu son was born and 2 years after that her husband died. Dong Mingzhu has not been married since. She regards marriage for disturbing her career since it means having “responsibilities toward another person”.

Body Measurements

Dong Mingzhu is currently 63 years of age. She has black hair that she likes to put short most of the time. Mingzhu has a stern personality that is admired by people around her.

Interesting Facts

Dong Mingzhu is also the member of the 10th, 11th and 12th National People’s Congress and the China Democratic National Construction Association. She currently sits on the Executive Committee of All-china Women’s Federation.

Dong has also revealed that she enjoys reading books and especially books like Jane Eyre and Gone with the Wind being her favorite.

Dong is an avid collector of Shawls

Dong is noted to be one of the toughest women in China since she is known to have not taken a single day off from her work in the 20 years she has been with Gree. She believes in resting only after her retirement.

Dong Mingzhu is the author of her two books. Her two books include one titled Regardless Pursuit which went on to become the bestseller in China and also has been made into a television series of the same name airing on China Central Television.

Accomplishments and Recognition

Dong Mingzhu is regarded as one of the world’s most powerful women. Dong has also been named in the list of Woman in the Mix for business in Forbes Asia in 2013. She was also named Magnificent 10 economic leaders in China in 2006. In 2015, Dong Mingzhu became the 4th Most Powerful Woman in Asia-Pacific and was placed in 8th number in 2013. Dong was named as one of the Most Influential Chinese Businesswomen in Fortune magazine for two years straight. She is most certainly an inspiration to young and aspiring youths who want to triumph in their respective fields like Dong has. Dong Mingzhu’s bio can be found on various social media sites.

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