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One of the Craig Melvin shows, ‘MSNBC Live’ has made Craig quite popular. Though Melvin anchors this show only in weekdays, the journalist is loved by the audience. Craig has gone through must of a struggle to attain this level of success and for this Craig Melvin shows and his amiable personality goes hand in hand.


Craig Melvin is one of the famous American Journalists. He is also a news anchor. He works as an NBC News correspondent and as an anchor on MSNBC.  Craig Melvin shows are quite popular and watched by an ample number of audiences. He is really good at what his does and has a long timeline of experiences which really exhibits that Craig is a self-made man.


Craig Melvin is an American by nationality. He was born on 20th of May, 1979 in Columbia, South Carolina, United States. He spent most of his childhood days there. He was born to parents; Lawrence Melvin and Betty Melvin.  He is not a single child and two siblings namely Rev. Lawrence Meadows and Ryan Melvin.

Early life and education

Craig developed that confidence in public speaking when he was doing his schooling. He developed the art of keeping the audiences engaged gradually in course of his time in school. He was always humble when it comes to studies and possessed that learning attitude. This explains a lot about Craig about how he is today and how he was today.

Craig attained his bachelor degree from Wofford College. He attained his bachelor degree of Arts in Government. After he finished his formal education, he started stepping onto his career path.

Career and Net worth

‘MSNBC Live’ and ‘Today Saturday edition’ are some of the very popular Craig Melvin shows as of now. He is working for NBC News and MSNBC as an anchor. He is also NBC News correspondent. Craig’s career timeline could be traced back into 2001. He worked as a WIS anchor and reporter from 2001 and 2008. There he did a splendid job.

Now with the experience of around seven years, he joined on the WRC-TV 6 PM and 11 PM, as a weekend news anchor. He also was able to gain much of the appreciation and support for his work.  After that, he has been working for NBC News and MSNBC. He is an anchor for MSNBC. He has been MSNBC Live main anchor from 2011 to 2014. From 2012 till present he has been working as an NBC News Correspondent.

Craig Melvin knows how to multitask and handle his work simultaneously. He worked as a fill-in co- anchor in Weekend Today from 2013 to 2015 for two years. Also, it is to be noted that he has been an MSNBC Live contributing anchor from 2014 till present.  Craig Melvin shows do not end here. He is a co- anchor for Weekend Today from 2016.

Apart from all these works he also anchored MSNBC’s Republican and Democratic National Conventions in 2012. He also anchored TV One’s coverage for Election Night in partnership with NBC News.  Craig is a professional journalist. He doesn’t just do the job for money. Journalism is his passion.  He is also known for covering some topical matters related to public interests.

Craig Melvin has successfully covered the 2013 West Fertilizer Company plant explosion and Asiana Airlines 214 crash in the same year but in the month of July. Before that, he also had covered the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 which took place in the month of December. His other coverage includes the tornado in Oklahoma, the George Zimmerman trial etc.

Given the fact that Craig Melvin shows are much liked and Craig has been involved in many jobs, it is plausible for anyone to wonder about Craig Melvin salary. Craig Melvin salary is around $40, 000.

Personal life and spouse

Craig Marvin is a family man. This culture of his might has been developed right from his family. He is a loving husband and a father. He got married to someone who also is from journalism field, so, they definitely have the major understanding when it comes to work and the like.

He got married to Lindsay Czarniak on October 15, 2011. Craig Melvin wife is an ESPN sports anchor and also former sports reporter in WRC-TV. Craig Melvin wife is also a talented and professional journalist.  They live together in Connecticut. They are blessed with a son Delano Melvin born in 2014.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Craig Melvin is an accomplished man who has built his career with all his hard work and dedications. So, it would be unwise if such talent goes unnoticed. He won Emmy Award in 2006 for his reporting. He was also titled as ‘Best Anchor’ by South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association’. These are very prestigious award and title.

He is an active user of social media. Craig Melvin twitter account is active and anyone can follow Craig Melvin Twitter to obtain more information about his whereabouts.

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