Christian Jessen Net Worth, TV Presenter, Writer, Relationship

Published Date   26th Nov. 2017, 15:18 pm
Christian Jessen Net Worth, TV Presenter, Writer, Relationship
Quick Info
Birth Name: Christian Spencer Jessen
Nationality: Briti
Net Worth: $13 million
Qualification: Master's degree in sexual health

Dr.Christian Jessen is a charming presenter of famous TV shows The Ugly Face of Beauty, Embarrassing Illness, Supersize vs Superskinny. He is a writer of many heath books that he has acquired from doctor’s degree. He has been seen as actor in different TV Documentary and TV shows. Dr.Christian Jessen Net Worth as of now is estimated to be $13 million.


Born and brought up in London, Christian Spencer Jessen is a British physician and famous television presenter who is best known for anchoring Supersize vs Superskinny. Dr.Christian Jessen Net Worth is not just because of his profession as a doctor but mainly from utilizing his doctor skills in TV.

Early Life and Education

Born on March 4, 1977, United Kingdom, Dr. Christian’s father is a Danish. Christian attended his higher secondary education in Uppingham School, which is a co-educational public independent school in the small market town of Uppingham in England.

He then attended university education from University College London and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, both of which are public research university in London. And the constituent college of the federal University of the London, where he received degree in medicine(MBBS)


Soon after completing master’s degree in sexual health, Christian started his career as a physician where he set up a private clinic in London’s Harley Street.

Christain also worked in Uganda and Kenya, studying malaria and HIV.

There must be question in everyone’s mind. How did a physician choose to become a TV presenter? Well, he answers this question in an interview.

In an interview with BMJ careers, Christian told that it was not an intentional plan. He always liked to give awareness to people regarding health issues, and make people clear about different health process. He further added that whenever he got the chance to talk on some public talk or news about the sexual health or go on morning TV and talk about chlamydia or teenage pregnancy, he really loved it. He continued, “I think people saw me doing it enthusiastically and decided that they might try me out doing other things on the shows.”

The Ugly Face of Beauty, Embarrassing Illness, Supersize vs Superskinny

 The Ugly Face of Beauty is a medical drama that shows people solution for different kind of diseases. The first episodes of Ugly Face of Beauty started with Rachel’s story, after a poorly executed breast augmentation left her physically and emotionally damaged. She will go back to theater in an attempt to have her breasts corrected by surgeon Douglas McGeorge but can he ever repair the damage that’s been done?

Embarrassing Illness is a British BAFTA award winning series. In this series, Embarrassing Bodies has set out to help patients who have been suffering from a variety of medical issues. They are kind of issues which are taboo or not understood properly. Therefore, with a set of patients and diagnosis of doctors, the show try to clear myths and understandable the medical illness – especially which are embarrassing or sexual.  

Supersize vs Superskinny, a Channel4 television program that presents the information on dieting and over-eating habits. In this program one over-weight person and another under-weight person are brought. The food habit is swapped between them and the changes are supervised by Dr. Christian.


He is a great writer too. The books are also related to medical issues. He is an author of books like Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up, Can I Just Ask?, Dr. Christian’s Guide to Dealing with the Tricky Stuff, Dr. Christian’s Guide to You.

Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up covers all the answers to boys and girls about adolescence, sexuality, and puberty.

Can I Just Ask? It is an informative book that includes: urban health myths, and advice for the problems that people feel shy to discuss. There is also a specific section for male and female issues separately.

Dr. Christian’s Guide to Dealing with the Tricky Stuff is a similar book to Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up where he writes about fears and uncertainties about growing youngsters.

Dr. Christian’s Guide to You teaches you how to deal with your teenage thoughts, lifestyle and many more.

All the sale and revenue from these books also contribute to Dr. Christian Jessen net worth.

Personal Life

Dr.Christian Jessen is openly gay. He’s been in long-term relationship with his partner Rogerio Barreto.

In an interview with Ditch the Label, Christian he says about how some people react with people like him, but his parents and school where he studied was always in support of this.

When asked about any negative public view about his sexuality, he said that he gets a few hateful comments through Twitter.

For instance, Alan Carr recently interviewed him on Channel 4 and spoke about his sexuality; within minutes he lost 500 followers on Twitter, which was really sad. It’s sad to discover that some people still see it as being an issue. Twitter can be really grounding for that reason! The media also like to bring up his sexuality a lot, probably because they see it as being a revelation as it isn’t something that everybody knows about him.

Dr.Christian Jessen Net Worth

Dr. Christian Jessen net worth is estimated to be of $13 Million most of which has been acquired from TV shows. He deserves to reach to this state through his continuous hard work and charming nature.

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