Bri Winkler Hot, Bio, Wiki, Personal Life, Net Worth, Career

Published Date   22nd Jul. 2017, 20:42 pm
Bri Winkler Hot, Bio, Wiki, Personal Life, Net Worth, Career
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Hot Bri Winkler is one of the reasons why ABC News has reached the heights of success. Hot Bri Winkler is one of those reporters who can take her program to the next level and has been able to increase the fan base with outstanding presentation skills.


Bri Winkler Hot, Personal Life, Net Worth, Career

Bri Winkler is an ‘Eyewitness News Broadcast Meteorologist/Reporter’ at ABC News. With some struggles in her career, she has been able to set her pace as of now. She had some health issues earlike. To be clear she was a stroke survivor. By looking at her it is obvious that she likes to maintain her body in good shape.


Bri Winkler was born on October 25, 1988, in southeastern Massachusetts. She grew up with her sister Tara. It is said that she started having interest on weather right from the beginning.

Early life and education

To become one of the acclaimed reporters in such a huge news network like ABC News is not something that comes out of luck. Besides being hot Bri Winkler, she is also famous as a talented Bri Winkler. The strong educational background and years of practice play a significant amount of role in contributing to her well- paying career as a reporter.

For the university education, she went to the University of Miami. She joined there in 2005 and she graduated around 2009. Bri Winkler is said to be very confident and outspoken student. She graduated with the degree name ‘BSMAS Field Of Study Meteorology, Math, Broadcast’. BSMAS is the acronym for  Bachelor of Science in Marine and Atmospheric Science. She was also affiliated with activities and societies like Atmo Club, Chi Epsilon Pi Honor Society, NewsVision, SportsDesk. By looking at the pace of her career, we can say that her higher education has played a significant role.

Career and net worth

Hot Bri Winkler has set her career right as she does what she likes. Bri Winkler career started formally in August 2009. She joined the company named Nexstar Broadcasting Group which is one of the largest TV station operators. She worked there as KAMR/KCIT Morning Meteorologist. KAMR-TV is an NBC-affiliated television station in Amarillo, Texas. As mentioned earlier, she is the morning meteorologist and co-host for the “Today in Amarillo” show. Her major job scopes included chasing storms. Surprisingly, she caught 3 tornadoes and in her first chase. Besides this weather stuffs, reporting consumer products on the show ‘Does It Work’ is also part of Bri Winkler career.

Winkler worked there for 2 years and 1 month from August 2009 to August 2011. Her experienced there polished her skills and reach greater heights.

Then she joined ABC News in September 2011. She has been employed there for around 6 years. She is an Eyewitness News Broadcast Meteorologist/Reporter for Greater Los Angeles Area. She is undoubtedly included in one of the hottest reporters. Actually, it would not be a stretch to say that her good looks and dressing sense are instrumental to her presenting style that makes her popular.

It is no wonder that acclaimed reporters are highly paid. By following the notion, we can assume that Bri Winkler might be earning a significant amount. On an average, she earns over $120 thousand dollars per year. Well, that’s huge! However, Bri Winkler net worth has not been disclosed. Given the fact that her popularity is rising and she is only in her late twenties, there are many years ahead of her to earn. Bri Winkler net worth definitely will be in increasing trend.

Personal life and spouse

The number of people having an interest in Bri Winkler personal life is increasing. Bri Winkler personal life has got some twists of struggle and pain that came out of her health issues. She is a stroke survivor. The evil disease hit her at the early age of 24. She discovered about the health condition after a CAT scan she had to do after experiencing a severe headache. No serious stuff was revealed in the test so, on the conclusion of doctors being it a possible viral infection, she was sent home with some painkillers.

After a week, she noticed hearing loss in her right ear, felt numbness in her face, right arm and leg eventually making her face droop. After another CAT scan was done with a special dye to improve contrast, she was diagnosed with carotid artery lining and a blood clot in her brain. She was fortunate enough to fully recover in a matter of two days. After the recovery, she worked for public awareness on early recognition of the illness using the F.A.S.T. technique (Face drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty). She became the ambassador for the American Stroke Association.

Talking about her love life, she is very secretive. However, some rumors follow that as of 2017, Bri is engaged. She is a big fan of yoga.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

She is recognized as one of the acclaimed reporters. She is active in social media and for the information; one can easily find Bri Winkler hot photos on the internet.

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