Annaka Harris – Author & Sam Harris’ Wife

Published Date   24th Dec. 2019, 13:56 pm
Annaka Harris – Author & Sam Harris’ Wife It took Annaka a while to come into the limelight and it is believed that she did not wish to use her husband to earn any fame. Image Source: Audible
Quick Info
Birth Name: Annaka Harris
Spouse: Sam Harris
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Coffee Brown
Nationality: American
Qualification: Bachelor of Fine Arts
College: New York University
Children: 2

If you are a fan of listening to podcasts, there would be many names that come to mind. Surely the name Sam Harris is no exception. His podcast mainly aims for intellectuals and contains some great subjects.

With how successful Sam’s career is getting, we need to shift our attention to his personal life. And the host’s wife-Annaka Harris would be no exception. Let’s learn more about her.

Who Is Annaka Harris?

Annaka Harris is an American author who writes nonfiction and scientific books. The author is not well known and has her history hidden from the media.

Annaka Harris is the author of Conscious

Not much is known about Annaka Harris, but with time, information is expected to surface. Image Source: Pinterest.

It took Annaka a while to come into the spotlight, and it is believed that she did not wish to use her husband to earn any fame. It was only after her books started making a name of their own did Annaka earn a spot in the limelight.

Annaka Harris’ Husband

Author Annaka Harris is married to the podcast host Sam Harris. It is unclear how the two met before getting married. But it has been rumored that they were in a relationship for some time.

Having been in a relationship, Annaka and Sam were really careful not to be seen out in the open. There is no information about Sam being seen with anyone before his marriage.

Annaka Harris' Husband Sam Harris

Annaka Harris is married to the podcast host Sam Harris and has a wonderful relationship together. Image Source: Youtube(Critical Thoughts).

Moreover, the two tied the knot sometime in 2004. As mentioned, the lovely author did not come out until she had a name of her own. Thanks to the author’s second book, Conscious, which became a best-seller, she finally made a name and soon found herself in the limelight.

Annaka Harris’ Children

Currently, the pair of Sam Harris and Annaka Harris have two kids- both daughters. But the parents don’t seem to want them in the limelight. And so have kept information about the kids a secret.

But media is something that can always give out some information. Thanks to a post of Sam’s Twitter account in 2013, we can conclude that one of her daughters was born sometime in 2008. This means that one of the girls would be 11 years old as of 2019.

Another Twitter post from July 2014 is about his then 6-month-old daughter, which means that their second kid was born sometime in 2014. Thus being a 5 year old as of now and maybe in a month or two turning 6.

Post By Sam Harris on his Twitter about his daughter

Posts from Sam Harris about his daughter is the hint needed to know their age. Image Source: Sam Harris’s Twitter.

Let’s hope that as time passes, more information about Annaka and her children comes to the surface.

Annaka Harris As An Author

Annaka Harris is an author, and her main works include nonfiction and scientific books. Currently, the author has written two books, including I Wonder and Conscious. The latter of which, after the release, did not take long to become a best seller.

Annaka Harris is the author of Conscious

Annaka Harris is the author of a New York Times Best Seller titled ‘Conscious.’ Image Source: Kobo, Rich roll.

In addition, her first book I Wonder was released sometime in 2013, and while it did get sold, it was not enough to earn a lot of fame. This changed, however, after the release of her second book Conscious in 2019.

The popularity rose through the roof becoming a New York Times Best Seller. This book accomplished what the past one could not and granted her all the fame that she deserves.

Annaka Harris’ Net Worth

Sam Harris’ wife, Annaka, is still rising in the world of fame and has yet to have her net worth evaluated. It might not take too long, seeing as her name has already earned quite the fame.

Annaka Harris's Net Worth

Annaka Harris has not had her net worth calculated yet, but it is expected to be a good amount in the years to come. Image Source: Quiet Revolution.

Moreover, Harris makes money from her books which includes:

  • I Wonder (2013);  $7.39 in Kindle and $10.37 in Hardcover
  • Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind (2019); $10.35 in Kindle and $10.89 in Hardcover

We can expect a fortune of the author by 2020 detailing her history, properties, and such along with the hope of a new book. Surely everyone is excited to read more books from her and lets hope that we will be surprised.

On the other hand, Annaka’s husband, Sam Harris’ net worth is of $2 million. Thanks to his multiple careers as a podcast host and as the author of several books.

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