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Birth Name: Amy Baier
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Amy Baier age seems to be in her forties and she is a well-known celebrity as she is the wife of the chief political anchor for Fox, William Bret Baier. The couple met after being set up on a blind date and have been together ever since.


Amy Baier bio is not available much on sites like the wiki. However, Bret Baier fans certainly seem to be interested in his personal life and have made Amy Baier as much of a celebrity as Bret is. Amy Baier husband Bret is currently the host of Special Report with Bret Baier which airs on the Fox News Channel.

Born and Early Life

With the absence of Amy Baier bio on social networking sites, Amy Baier age and her career are details that have been well hidden from the general public. It has been supposed that Amy too is a native of New Jersey like her husband.

Career and Net Worth

Amy Baier career details have been overshadowed by those of her husband. Her husband is a reputed personality who has had a pretty successful television career. He currently works with Fox News.

Amy Baier’s husband net worth is a whopping 16 million dollars. Needless to state, they are living a luxurious life now.

Personal Life and Spouse

Amy Baier rose to fame among news tabloids after her marriage with the famous Bret Baier. They were set up on a blind date by their common friends, who knew that they would certainly like each other well. Sparks flew between them and it eventually turned into a marriage after three years of knowing each other. The marriage surely seems to be a successful one as, despite problems, the couple has supported each other pretty well.

Amy Baier age is not known to her fans but it has been known that the couple got married on 2004. They have two sons named Paul and Daniel. Paul had to undergo an open heart surgery right after he was born. The couple are known to be Roman Catholics and attend the church regularly.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Amy Baier, is recognized mostly because of her husband. She has certainly been a constant source of support for him. Amy Baier house with her husband in Georgetown seems to be one of the most valued possessions of the couple. Amy Baier house is artistically designed and sculpted to meet the needs of her famous White House Correspondent husband.

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