What is Smart Home Monitoring? Get your Home automated!

Published Date   19th Dec. 2018, 07:39 am  Update Date: June 8th, 2020  11:08 am superbhub
What is Smart Home Monitoring? Get your Home automated!Source: YouTube

The smart home is a wonder. From the lights that you can turn on and off with your phone to a door alarm, there are so many things in your house that you can automate. A smart home monitoring system is a little different from a home security system, but you can include security features as well.

Most people use smart home monitoring to help them keep their home in good repair or to save energy. Some examples are light dimmers and monitors that tell you when pipes are freezing or leaking before they burst. There are all categories of things that go into smart homes, like smart lawn watering systems that can track the weather.

At the very basic level, a smart home system keeps track of temperature and when people enter the home. As the structure gets more and more complex, you will need more trackers, back up cell phones in case of emergency and extra batteries to keep your smart home running in case of outages.

Smart home monitoring can seem complex, but it has a lot of advantages. The individual system you choose has a lot of effect on how your home runs, so make sure that you choose one with the right complexity level for you.

A smaller home may not need as many door monitors, for example. In a larger home that requires lots of heating and cooling, though, knowing when doors and windows are left open can be a huge money saver. The complexity of your system all depends on your needs and the goals you want to achieve with your home monitoring system.

People choose a smart home system for various reasons. Some have high-security needs or very large houses that take more monitoring than one or two people can offer.

Others like the added technology and use their smart home monitoring system to go green or upgrade their home with things like solar roofs. You might have any number of reasons for choosing a smart home monitoring system, but you should talk about them with your dealer before purchasing one to make sure you are getting the right setup.

Not all systems are created equal, and some won’t work as well with certain technologies like solar or green roofs. You will also want to make sure that your smart home monitoring system can actually meet your needs and that it doesn’t go down with every power outage.

The major difference between a smart home monitoring system and a security system is that with a security system, you usually have a third party monitoring emergency calls and video feeds to your home.

A smart home monitoring system adds energy-saving or other special features and doesn’t necessarily include security monitoring. In addition, not all security systems can be run from a phone, but many smart home security systems are run from a phone or computer for convenience.

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