Does Vaping Give You Wrinkles?

Published Date   02nd Feb. 2019, 10:40 am  Update Date: February 24th, 2019  10:07 am superbhub
Does Vaping Give You Wrinkles?

If you have been a smoker or vaper for a while you may notice that you have developed wrinkles around your mouth and nose.  While wrinkles may not be avoidable as you age, smoking does not help with the process.  Switching from smoking to vaping is a healthy choice as far the chemicals and overall health effects.

However, one big question is if vaping also gives you wrinkles as smoking does.  The answer is ambiguous, so read on to find out.

First and foremost, the answer is a little yes and a little no.  The heat from the vape can have an adverse effect on the skin, as well as the constant motions of the smoking or inhaling.  The chemicals, while not as strong as cigarettes, are still capable of hurting the skin.  In these regards, the answer is yes, vaping causes wrinkles.  However, these factors are insignificant to the true reason you get wrinkles.  The major culprit lies in nicotine.

Unfortunately, nicotine exists in both products.  Even the vape juices that promote zero nicotine can be found to have traces of it in them.  To this end, vaping does not cause it, but the amount of nicotine you put into your body.  The reasons this happens is because of nicotine on the blood vessels in the body.  Nicotine can cause your blood vessels to contract and reduce the blood flow to the skin and other areas of the body.

Over time, the effects of nicotine will cause wrinkles due to the reduction in blood, and subsequently, the needed nutrients and oxygen the blood delivers.  It can also cause wounds to heal slower, scars to develop more prominently and accelerate the general aging of the skin.

When you combine these facts with the inherent gestures of vaping, you will develop wrinkles around the face over time.  However, nicotine does affect the body and can cause wrinkles elsewhere too.

One last factor that could cause vaping to lead to wrinkles is formaldehyde.  This carcinogen is readily used in tobacco products but has been found in some vape liquids.  Unfortunately, with vaping being largely unregulated, there are no true ways to tell what exactly goes into the liquids.

Formaldehyde has been known to cause wrinkles and can lead to worse things in skin products.  The worst part is, some studies have shown this chemical to be in higher concentrations in vaping than in cigarettes.

Overall, smoking and vaping do lead to less elasticity in the skin and cause wrinkles.  Smoking is by far the worse of the two choices, but vaping is not free of nicotine or other chemicals that can cause early aging.

If you have smoked for a long time, making the switch to vaping can be a great way to help your skin recover, but keep in mind, the effects of nicotine in the long term.  Only by quitting smoking or vaping can you really get rid of the permanent aging effects of nicotine.

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