4 Useful Tips to Help Your Spouse Cope with Addiction

Published Date   05th Apr. 2020, 01:53 am  Update Date: January 27th, 2021  10:11 am superbhub
4 Useful Tips to Help Your Spouse Cope with AddictionKnow tips to help spouse cope with Alchohal addiction. Image Source: Getty Images

If you have a spouse who is addicted, you surely know that addiction is destructive. Addiction can badly affect a relationship, especially if the addicted person is your life partner.

When your partner gets addicted to a substance or alcohol, you will hardly recognize the person you got married to. The behavioral changes you will notice can turn into sufferings and completely ruin your relationship. Being a spouse, you shouldn’t think of giving up on your marriage.

Instead, there are many ways you can help your life partner cope with active addiction. You should support your partner as s/he needs that support the system the most when s/he feels helpless dealing with addiction. Here are some tips to help your spouse cope with addiction.

1.      Set Boundaries:

When you know your partner is suffering from active addiction, it is crucial to set boundaries so that both you know what behaviors are acceptable. You should discuss with your addicted spouse those boundaries to control the misbehavior of your addicted spouse.

Some conventional boundaries are no drug or alcohol abuse is allowed in the home, cannot come home when intoxicated, no drug and alcohol addicted friends are allowed in the home, etc.

Setting boundaries help protect your well-being and also helps your addicted partner to overcome addiction. This also helps to avoid relationship problems.

2.      Avoid Enabling:

Enabling behavior can cause an addiction to thrive. Enabling includes all those behaviors in which you unconsciously allow your partner to continue drinking or buffer your spouse from the consequences of addiction. Most of the time, spouses don’t know that they are enabling.

Enabling does more harm, so you should clearly see the difference between enabling and supporting. Some of the enabling behaviors might include allowing your spouse to abuse you or someone else when intoxicated, allowing the addict to neglect his or her responsibilities, and making excuses for your addicted partner.

3.      Seek Professional Help:

While your addicted partner may not agree to seek help from a trained professional, you should realize that seeking advice from a rehab treatment center is the best decision to overcome addiction.

Trained professionals in addiction will come up with proven methods to help your loved one cope with addiction. Behavioral couple therapy and family therapy are some of the best addiction recovery treatments you should get with your addicted partner.

The counselor will help you better navigate your relationship and suggest useful ways for your addicted partner to de-stress.

4.      Connect with a Support Group:

You may feel that you are alone who has to deal with an addicted spouse. But there are so many other couples out there that are overcoming addiction together.

So many partners and spouses are there that are dealing with the same problems. You can connect with other couples who are going through the same issues.

The people going through the same difficulties can offer you support and guidance because they understand what you are suffering.

Support groups can advise you tips to help maintain a good marital relationship while dealing with addiction and make you feel less isolated. They will help you learn how to live with and addicted person and help build hope that recovery is definitely possible.

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