The 10 Signs Of Depression And The Ways To Deal With It

Published Date   27th May. 2017, 23:25 pm  Update Date: June 8th, 2020  10:38 am Binesh Shrestha
The 10 Signs Of Depression And The Ways To Deal With It

Depression is mood disorder that is often misunderstood. It affects a person’s behavior, thoughts, sense of well-being, and feelings.

To feel unloved, hopeless, helpless, worthless, or blue is sometimes a normal part of human experience. People usually feel that way when a member dies in the family when one goes through a romantic breakup, poor grade, or losing the job. But this state of mind is not depression.

Depression comes about for absolutely no reason. It is a mental disorder that hits someone when they are just doing nothing special, living their lives and suddenly feel like they’re not functioning. Nothing seems to matter. They find themselves in the black hole that grows larger every day and they can do nothing to stop it. Everyone does not experience every symptom of depression. Some experience few symptoms while some experience many symptoms. The severity of symptoms varies over time and with individuals.

10 Signs of Depression

Ten common signs of depression are:

  1. Irritability and Restlessness
  2. Feeling slowed down
    Feeling of pessimism or hopelessness
    Sad, empty mood, anxious
    Feelings of worthless, guilt, or helplessness
    Loss of interest in hobbies and activities including sex
    Low concentration, or decision making power
    Oversleeping, early-morning awakening, or insomnia
    Thoughts of suicide or death
    Weight gain or weight loss


Some individuals also experience headaches, chronic pain, and digestive disorders.

Depression impacts every aspect of an individual’s life. It doesn’t go away on its own and the person can do nothing about it. Depression feels like getting into a black hole deeper and deeper with no light to come out of it.

It is seen that women experience a higher rate of depression than men. Women are more likely to express symptoms of both depression and distress than men, such as increase or loss in appetite, fatigue, and sleep disturbances accompanied by anxiety and pain.

The instances of suicide in men are much more than in women. As per the Stanford University and Lund University in Sweden, it was shown that men commit suicide at a rate three times that of women. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Center for Injury Prevention and Control report showed that the rate is almost four times in the United States. Women are likely to discuss their depression issues while the men like to keep it to themselves and not share it with anyone and hide them. The culture of women being more open to express emotional feelings and psychological feelings than men is a contributing factor.

To live with depression is like carrying a backpack full of boulders all day. Depression weighs people down, lowers energy, and leaves with just a little piece of motivation to get out of bed in morning. It is not easy to carry the burden and it’s hard to keep hope. The worst feeling while in depression is you don’t know what is actually making you sad. The whole world seems to be happy and cheerful except for you and your life. The feeling of being less important and crying in one corner of the room is even worse.

Tips for keeping Depression away from your life

Journaling: To write down is the good way to release emotions.  It is unfiltered thought that is not judged or criticized by others. To jot down your feelings makes you feel relieved.

Complete your sleep: Good sleep is essential as it is when you sleep that your body recovers. Constant overworking and setting ourselves in a stressful situation is not healthy.

Exercise: Exercise helps put us in a good mood as it produces natural endorphins. Exercise improves mood.

Drink plenty of water: Our body is made up of 95% water. When our body does not have enough water it leads to feeling lethargic, grumpy and headaches. Drinking water with junk foods is not sufficient. Soda, lemonade or any flavored drinks are not considered as water.

Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids: They are nutrients that help the brain.

Being Social: Spending time with people that bring out positive vibes and set your mind at peace is really important. Spending time outside home keeps you fresh and does not let you feel monotonous. A healthy talk with someone can boost your mood.

Meditate: Meditation helps you set yourself in inner peace. It brings your mind to a peaceful place.

Practice unconditional love: Showing unconditional love is harder these days due to our busy life. To love and to care for people around us is very important.

Treatment for depression

Depression may not require professional treatment. It can be cured with some counseling if the stage of depression is early. But a prolonged depressed mood leads to the diagnosis of medical treatment or some drugs. Different forms of depression have different treatments. It has been estimated that two-thirds of people suffering from depression do not seek treatment in the United States.


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