Surprise: More Celebrities are Speaking About Their Mental Health

Published Date   04th Jan. 2019, 23:24 pm superbhub
Surprise: More Celebrities are Speaking About Their Mental Health

One in five Americans experience mental health issues at least once in their lifetime, but at the same time, it is sad enough to note that only a fraction of them get the help they need. As per a long list of evidence, it has been proved that mental health illness is a real kind of medical disorder. Though, there is a bit of good news here. And that is that the stigma that was related to it has begun to decline.

Adherence to misinformation, mistaken beliefs and ignorance make mental illness one of the biggest stigmatized conditions in the world. Studies reveal that the more crucial the diagnosis of mental health illness is, the graver the stigma becomes. And yet, it looks like this year we will move past that, largely with help from the celebrity community.

Celebrity is coming out with their mental health issues

Over the past year or so, there have been several celebrities who have come out about how they’ve been subjected to different sorts of mental health issues. Naturally, these celebrities are eager to bring forth an entirely positive light to wellness and mental health.

They realize their reach and what impact they can have on such a devastating societal issue. With so many statistics showing the positivity behind their stories, more and more people are getting professional help due to the public discussions of these celebrities.

According to the research behind stigmas, it has been shown that when such positive stories are told about celebs living with mental illness, this considerably reduces the myths behind mental sickness. When people learn about a celeb who has graced depression and how he or she is living a positive life, their experiences become rewarding.

Celebrities are utilizing the counseling therapy platforms

There is no scarcity of celebrities who have opened up about mental health. Some, like Michael Phelps, have teamed up with counseling platforms in an effort to encourage people to get help. As such, people have been flocking online to search for local therapists near them, and there are also no shortages of online directories either.

Websites like or Psychology Today list the certified, licensed and experienced professionals, who can help people deal with their mental health issues. The celebrities have already taken a step to speak publicly regarding their mental health illnesses.

Now they are encouraging people to find the help they so desperately need. This will only lead to good things down the road.

In addition to internet directories, the widespread use of online counseling agencies, no matter whether you’re a celeb, has made it even easier to get access to experienced online therapists who can help you cure depression or other emotional sicknesses that you’ve gone through. You can set appointments according to your discretion so that you can improve your situation as soon as possible.

Just remember to try your best to deal with depression or any other mental health problem. Go and take that first step, and get the help you need. Like celebrities, there’s no shame in seeking out professional help.

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