6 Common Christmas Traditions That Are Non-Religious

Published Date   01st Nov. 2018, 22:00 pm superbhub
6 Common Christmas Traditions That Are Non-Religious

Today, you find that many communities and countries celebrate Christmas more as a cultural holiday rather than a religious one. This, however, does not mean that the religious Christmas element is out of the picture. On the contrary, enough research will show you many communities that still celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas.

In all fairness, this is expected from a cultural holiday as religion also ranks high in the cultural aspect. Culture is, however, more than religion alone. For instance, some people still send their relatives trucking Christmas cards during Christmas even if they are from a different religion.

The whole aspect of celebrating Christmas is wishing loved ones a happy holiday and a prosperous new year. This only means that there is a lot more to Christmas than the religious side.

Studies have also revealed that significant portions of the Christmas celebrations we have today do not originate from Christianity at all. Plus, no one can celebrate every aspect of Christmas in the one day. Everyone has their own traditions which they value more than others. And that is why some tradition celebrates their Christmas in a non-religious manner.

You will not find even the slightest hint of religion in the way they celebrate this important holiday. Here is a detailed list of some non-religious ways some traditions celebrate their Christmas holidays.

 1. Christmas shopping

This is, perhaps, the furthest from religion Christmas celebration can get. The least religious aspect of Christmas is one that involves spending the most time, effort, and money. Nothing, in the slightest, about shopping even hints on religion.

So, if you are the type who gets hyped from the sights, sounds, and smells that come with Christmastime, know you are enjoying yourself and not impulsively giving in to some religious Christmas celebration. The commercialization of Christmas has significantly diminished its religious aspects. More reason to know why Christmas shopping is, in no way, related to any religious celebration.

 2. Christmas parties

If you do your math right, you find that the Christmas holiday has more parties being held than any other time in the year. Okay, except maybe the Halloween. However, there is also nothing even remotely religious about Christmas parties.

And when the parties happen in the offices or schools, then you can count on it to be entirely secular due to the religious diversities of the attendees. So, if you are looking to host some amazing wild parties, this is the best time. Schools are closed and workers have a couple of days before they resume work. You can organize for the wildest Christmas party that your friends and family members talk about into the next year too.

3. Charitable donations and volunteering

If you are not making those charitable donations or volunteering work for the church or other church-related services, then donating money or time to charities counts as secular in the least. This is mainly because many charities are religious in nature.

This, however, does not mean charities are purely religious. You can still celebrate Christmas in a charitable manner giving nothing to any religious charity. There are also secular charities out there. Only that they are few so difficult to find.

So, you can always donate your money or time to any charity you wish to. And if you are not for doing so for religious charities, then look around for secular charities. You will find them and do your charitable work feeding no religion.

4. Gift-giving

During Christmas, and on the actual Christmas day, the most popular activity is always the exchange of gifts. And here too, you find there is nothing about Christmas presents that specifically state that gift exchange is religious or Christian. So, you have no reason to want to abandon gifting your friends and family members with amazing presents reasoning that it is religious.

How does gifting your friends or relatives with trucking Christmas cards look or feel religious? The only way that your Christmas presents can have a religious meaning is if you invest them with one. Other than that, you will be handing out gifts on this special day as if it were any other day. Only that the entire world will do the same.

5. Family gatherings at Christmas

During the Christmas holidays, it is common for friends and families to gather in large numbers and spend the holidays together. And, although many families and friends go to church on this day, there are plenty of other things you can do together that are completely secular.

Plus, the only reason families ever manage to gather during the Christmas holidays is that they have to time off from their regular activities. So, other activities like ice skating, holiday shows, gift exchanges, dinners, etc. in no way, relate Christmas to religion. Some families have even made it their tradition organizes for annual family reunions every Christmas holiday to strengthen their family ties. That is, in no way, also related to religion.

6. Food

This is the one Christmas practice that almost every community that celebrates Christmas employs. Christmas comes with its own entire line of foods which are usually mostly sweets. Both the Christians and non-Christians can prepare special meals specifically for the holiday.

This, however, does not make it religious in nature. There is nothing religious when you celebrate this time with special foods at a bar or in a hotel or even while hiking. Little, if any part, is religious.

Food may not seem like a lot when celebrating a holiday like this. But it is essential and helps bring friends and family members together to enjoy the food and be social with one another.

Final thoughts

From the points mentioned above, it is safe to conclude that everyone, community, and possibly even country have their own way of celebrating Christmas. And the fact that not everyone will celebrate the religious aspect of it, you only have to worry about yourself and how you plan to celebrate yours. Watch a warm loving Christmas movie. Have a blast with your family members and friends on this beautiful holiday and create memories you will live to remember long after.

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