Single Motherhood Facts: Especially When It Comes To Car Insurance

Published Date   17th Jul. 2019, 07:42 am superbhub
Single Motherhood Facts: Especially When It Comes To Car Insurance

Parenthood is not as easy as people think it to be. Being a single parent is all the more difficult because you are expected to shoulder all the responsibilities due to parenthood all by yourself.  Being a single mom can be very challenging and most certainly expensive.

Having a car is very important in the life of such a mother but the question is, what are some of the facts that a single mother should seek to know, which would be instrumental in making their lives and that of their children easier? The main consideration that comes to mind in this regards is insurance and the main strife, therefore, is to find the most cost-effective cover.

A single mother has to juggle between responsibilities such as to carpool schedules and programs and supervising the homework of their children while at the same time ensure that your other responsibilities as a mom and as a parent are not neglected.

These demand for a significant level of coordination. Driving your children to a different destination for varying engagements is something you cannot escape. It is therefore paramount that the single mother brings along an adequate level of auto insurance cover.

Having smaller children is even a more critical consideration as the mother now has to take the most appropriate coverage to ensure that they are adequately protected when the mother drives them around.

Things to note as regards car insurance for single moms

  • In certain parts of the world, it is compulsory that each and every mother takes an auto insurance coverage which will serve to cushion in the event of any insured risk.
  • Certain coverage options have been put in place for the benefit of the single mother. These options have been combined in different designs to ensure that a certain combination approach will give the single mother a reliable level of protection.
  • It is important that the mother takes it upon herself to include their teenage children (if any) who range from at least 16 years on the policy. Doing this will ensure that the teenager is covered in case of a claim in the event that, that child gets involved in an accident when he or she is driving the mother’s car.
  • Cutting down insurance costs for a single mother is perhaps the most genius move that the mother can go for. There are multiple ways through which this can be done regardless of whether this single mother has a teenage child included in the policy or not. Every single mother should seek to find out these means.
  • A working trick that a single mother can opt for is to practice comparison shopping before finally settling for one in particular.
  • No single mother wants any problems or conflict with the arms of the law making it imperative to secure the right kind of liability protection. Auto insurance liability coverage is a good option as it caters for the damages which may have been caused to second or third party’s cars following an at-fault accident. It will cater for all manner of damages to the third party including their medical expenses in case any bodily harm has been caused following the accident.
  • Personal injury cover is also another thing to note. To make certain that you and your children are covered in case of an accident then the single mother should go for the personal injury protection coverage abbreviated as PIP.
  • Collision coverage will stand to shoulder the expenses due to collision-related damages. Engaging in a kind of collision where you are at fault is a very tricky situation. This kind of coverage will meet the expenses for repairing the other victim’s car and leave you’re untouched.
  • The most probable cause of integrating your teenage children into a good protection coverage is to add them to the policy that you have taken for yourself. This will go as cheap car insurance for a single mom because it is by far less expensive than taking a separate policy for the teenage child.
  • There exist multiple discounts that single mothers can be candidates to when they are taking auto insurance. However, it may be impossible to know of such an arrangement if the mother does not take the step to inquire about them.
  • The most important strategy towards identifying the most efficient protection policy is to be willing to spend time and effort in comparing the different quotations.


As a single mom, your car falling victim of an accident can take a toll on you if you have not taken a cover that protects you. Adding roadside help to your auto insurance coverage can be an added advantage in as incident of this sought. Good coverage will often get you out of many difficult situations in the event of an accident.

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