Secrets to Make Your Eyes Beautiful!

Published Date   20th May. 2019, 07:24 am Sadi
Secrets to Make Your Eyes Beautiful!

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate; therefore, it needs special care. Your eyes are prone to redness, irritation, fatigue, crow’s feet, etc. Some issues like allergies, irritation, heavy eyelids and puffiness need an eye doctor in Cherry Hill. Seasonal allergies and pollen allergies require you to visit a specialist.

Moreover, you have to protect your eyes from sunburns and chlorine in swimming pools. Regularly visit your eye doctor to avoid serious issues. Here are some natural remedies to keep your eyes fresh and beautiful. These remedies are better than Botox.

Cucumber Slices

Use of cucumber slices is an old and effective way to decrease dark circles. Cucumber slices can hydrate your skin to keep it fresh. With this simple eye care remedy, you can maintain the natural beauty of your eyes. For better results, put slices of fresh cucumber on your eyes for almost 15 – 20 minutes.

Vitamin C and A

Proper nutrition can improve your overall health. Your eyes need Vitamin C and Vitamin A. For this reason, add some squash or carrots to your regular diet to boost the level of these vitamins. With these vitamins, you can increase the natural glow of your skin. Bell peppers and citrus fruits are excellent resources of vitamin C. Healthy diet can make your eyes fresh and beautiful. Make sure to add sufficient vitamins in your diet for your eyes and body.

Herbal Tea and Water

Hydration is essential for your skin, eyes, and body. Your body needs plenty of water, such as eight glass in a day. You can squeeze a lemon in plain water or drink herbal tea. Herbal teas can keep your skin glowing and gradually remove dark circles.

If you feel puffy, you can put cold tea bags (green or black tea bags) on your eyes. It will decrease puffiness and dark circles under eyes simultaneously.

Use Rose Water

The skin around the eyes needs your special attention. You must have something natural to restore the natural glow of your eyes. Rose water can be an excellent remedy to rejuvenate your eyes. Cleanse your skin around eyes with 1 – 2 drops of rose water and see the difference.


Made from Calendula flowers, ointment or tea, they act as natural remedy for irritated eyes. With this anti-inflammatory ointment, you can treat irritation or swollen eyelids. It is suitable for kids who don’t wear caps. You can apply it after taking a bath in salt water or before going to sleep. Feel free to use it as a decoction, such as a soak two bandages and cover your eyelids with each bandage in the evening. Try this remedy before going to bed.

Chamomile Tea

You have to put two tea bags on closed eyes for almost 10 minutes. Make sure to brew tea bags in cold water before putting it directly on eyes. You must use chamomile tea bags after sunbathing. These are suitable to treat irritated eyes.

Wear protective lenses or safety glasses for the protection of the eyes. Smoking is always bad for your eyes and overall body. If you want to decrease the chances of optic nerve damage, cataract and macular degeneration, quit smoking as soon as possible.

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