What Qualities Should A Voice Over Artist Have To Be Successful?

Published Date   20th Oct. 2018, 06:09 am  Update Date: October 29th, 2018  09:28 pm Sadi
What Qualities Should A Voice Over Artist Have To Be Successful?Source: Jonny Elwyn

You hear voice every moment, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Voice is everything, everywhere and it’s powerful because it’s not just mere words but emotions that can convince, give message and sell.

Thus, voice over work is getting its own popularity and gaining attention of many voice over artists.

People having good voice and acting talent can make a good career as they can expect handsome reward, and on the other hand productions like do radio, television commercials, book on tape, documentaries, animated films, voice over events can gain vocal contribution and a lot of audiences’ interests.

Similarly, there are voice over announcer service organizations who provide announcers for passenger announcements or events too making it easier for both sides.

The voice over talent and artist’s demand is increasing day by day in last few years as every hour, thousands of videos are published by businesses, marketing agencies, publishers, video-graphers. Instead of written content, demand for voice over talent is increasing as creating and distributing videos is getting cheaper.

For just an hour of work, voice over artists are paid from $20 to $100 and even more depending upon the nature and requirement, budget of course.  Bureau of labor Statistics stated that TV and radio announcers made $33,360 salary in average in 2017, the actors made around $17.50 per hour.

With experience and talent, voice over artists are able to make high income. So, what does it take to reach there? What qualities do Voice Over  Artist have?

Qualities for Voice Over Artist

Voice Acting is providing voice representing a character to provide information to users or audiences. The performers providing voice are voice actors, actresses, talent or artists. And it is not just simple as it sounds. The skills , characteristics, qualities matters and successful voice over artists need to be and have:

  • Clear Vocal and Conversational

Each word that a voice actor speaks should be distinct, clear and understandable. The vocal clarity matters. There should be balanced enunciation in your speech making you sound conversational. You should sound active, clear and just right with no overdoing.

  • Be the character and leave ego

Providing voice is representing the character. Therefore, voice over artists can take acting lessons to add more to their performance. You need to forget yourself, leave your ego aside and give your voice as required by the employer, brand. Similarly, you are not just reading words(scripts,  you are selling your emotions.

  • Minimal mouth noise

Voice actors need to be clean with minimal mouth noise. There should be less to no smacking sounds, clicks that may require hydrating, herbal teas, mouth washes, throat sprays etc. Thus, if the editor need to dedicate more time to clean up your mouth noise, you will have less chance to called back for another session.

  • Consistency

The Voice Over Artists need to be consistent in terms of energy, volume, pacing, characterization, and articulation. Your eyes, brain and mouth coordination should be great to deliver your best.

  • Quick and in control

In many situations, voice over artists require the skill of speaking fast. As sometimes, the artists are supposed to squeeze the time frame for narrating the script. To narrate rapidly but not causing any effect on the clarity of speech is essential. Similarly, the voice actors need to be in control of their voice of course. Their volume, breath, pitch, everything. Good voice actors have great control over their volume and breath while going through words and phrases. Thus a lot of practice is also needed.

  • Confident and Connected

Confidence is a must. And that comes when voice actors are prepared, they know and understand the subject along with the studio session between the director, engineer and actor. Similarly, voice over actors need to be  connected with the script. The voice actors should sound interested about what they are talking. And to show the connection various techniques can be used. Like making facial expressions, inflecting, using hands to make gestures in order to interpret action in the voice.

These are the most needed qualities a Voice over artist should have among many.  To lessen the time, nowadays the production companies seek help from the event and announcer providers to provide them announcers and voice over artists. So try your best and make a awesome career!

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