The Multifaceted Deterrent You Need to Keep Your Premises Safe and Secure

Published Date   13th Nov. 2018, 22:32 pm superbhub
The Multifaceted Deterrent You Need to Keep Your Premises Safe and Secure

In today’s world of increased break-ins and burglary threats, you can risk relying on traditional fencing to safeguard your property. You need a high quality and reliable fencing system to protect your property, business premises, or any other kind of investment from the greedy hands of the burglars. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a smart fence in your residential or commercial property.

A smart fence refers to a fencing system that comes with sophisticated technological features such as motion detection systems which deter intruders and alert you of an invasion on the property. Smart fences have revolutionized the fencing industry, and every homeowner and the commercial property owner should consider investing in one of these for their property.

What do Smart Fences Do?

What special functions do smart fences have? How can these features help in improving the security of your home or business?

A smart fence is combined with performance sensors that can detect an intruder’s body heat, movement, and footsteps. The fence is equipped with optical components and sensors which sense motion and vibration disturbances. The technology that’s used in the design of a smart fence utilizes remote sensing and cellular SMS tech together with AC energizers to provide real-time alerts to property owners.

When an intruder invades your property or tries to cut through the fence, you receive an alert on your mobile phone, and an alarm sounds as well. Smart fences that are configured with surveillance systems also provide real-time video footage of happenings on the property. Some fences are also equipped with audio capabilities as well, and you can sound a warning to an intruder through the speakers.

Additional features include the following:

Why Install a Smart Fence

Installing a smart fence in your home or business is a significant investment. However, this technology comes with numerous benefits that you cannot get from traditional fencing systems.

1.      24-Hour Monitoring

Smart fences are equipped with motion detectors, surveillance and audio capabilities, and LED monitor lights which allow you to monitor your property around the clock. The incorporation of the cellular SMS technology enables you to receive real-time alerts when there is an intrusion on your property. What’s more, you don’t have to be within your property to get these alerts; therefore, you can have an eye on your plunders while you are miles away.

2.      Intrusion Control

One of the greatest benefits of smart fence technology is the ability to detect intrusion and alert the property owner. They will sound an alarm and send an alert if someone tries to cut, jump over, or go through the fence and into your property. With the audio tech, you can call out the burglar and deter them from breaking into your home or business.

3.      Pet Protection

Smart fences are not just meant to keep intruders out – they can protect your pets or other animals within your property. The motion detection system will sense body movements and heat when the pet or another animal is trying to leave the property through the fence. The real-time alerts will help you prevent such escapes. You can also give an order to your pet through the audio system and prevent an escape.

Final Thoughts

Smart fences are smart! They can literally see, hear, speak, and sense with the help of advanced technology features such as sensors, surveillance systems, lights, and audio systems. Installing a smart fence in your residential or commercial property is the ultimate solution to invasions and burglaries. Talk to an expert for more information on smart fences and installation tips.

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