Look Naturally Beautiful Without Make Up

Published Date   30th Jun. 2017, 19:54 pm Binesh Shrestha
Look Naturally Beautiful Without Make Up

If the question shoots, what is the best way to look naturally beautiful, most of the answers women think is make-up. Make-up definitely is the instant and the best way to look beautiful with no continuous monotonous routine. But, how will you look without one? So, it is the time to change your perspective and stay beautiful all the time: when you are watching Netflix in weekends on rushing to work with no time more than throwing up your formal dress.

Following are some of the tips that help you stay beautiful in any time of the day whether you are attending an event or having your PJ hour at home. However, there is a setback and that is, you have to follow these tips on regular basis. Don’t worry they are not difficult anyway.

Exercise and Sweat

Yes exercise results in sweating and sweating makes you look gross, not beautiful. But ladies, we are talking about the end result. The first thing in the morning or the first thing after you get home from work, go for cardio or running and break sweat. Exercise not only builds your body sexy but the sweat that comes with exercise pushes out the dirt that stick into your pores. As a result, you get healthy, clean and glowing skin free of blackheads and acne.

Moreover, as you exercise, the tiny arteries opens up allowing blood rush to reach skin’s surface. The blood carries nutrients which repair the damage done by unfavorable environment and harmful rays of sun. Gradually, the 30 minutes of sweating exercise each day or even 4 days a week makes you look naturally beautiful repairing your skin and cleaning your pores.

Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of water every day. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day helps in digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion. Your digestive health is linked to your exterior beauty as well. If you are dehydrated, it is reflected in your skin as it turns dry and flaky. Furthermore, water eases digestion and excretion. As a result, your skin stays becomes radiant when your tummy is clean of toxins. Water helps in removal of toxins, so, consumption of water helps your skin glow radiantly making you look naturally beautiful. Since water reaches all the organs before reaching your skin, you need to drink enough water so that it reaches your skin.

Consume Less Spicy Food

Hot pepper increases your metabolism; however, for some people it is curse for their skin. According to medical personals, spicy food can dilate blood vessels and eventually make the complexion less clean and youthful. Even though this fact cannot be applicable in everyone’s case, for those who want to look naturally beautiful should avoid spicy food to get rid of acne and pigmentation. Acne makes one’s skin look unhealthy while pigmentation makes you look matured.

Keep Your Hair Clean

While talking about beauty, you cannot underestimate your hair. Shampooing on the regular basis, cleaning the dirt and brushing hair thoroughly make you look naturally beautiful without the use of hair sprays and hair serums. These products only degrade your hair in the long run. Instead, take some time off weekend and apply natural DIY air masks made of olive oil, castor oil, egg, henna, bell flowers and aloe Vera. Homemade DIY hair masks gives your hair natural shine, softness and bell flower mask reduces premature grey hair.

Fruits and Veggies

Eat for beauty! The fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and antioxidants not only increase your immune power, but also helps in acquiring radiant skin. Vitamin C cleans blemishes naturally while veggies and fruits rich in antioxidants produce collagen that strengthens capillaries to supply for the skin.  Therefore, consume citrus fruits rich in vitamin C like lemon, tomato and orange for clear skin. Similarly, consume veggies and fruits rich in antioxidants like berries and broccoli to stay youthful and look naturally beautiful.


You skin looks dull with dead cells. Hence, an easy step to get glowing skin is by exfoliating. You can use gentle loofah or exfoliating scrub for your body, gentle facial cleaner and washcloth for sensitive facial skin. Similarly, use mild facial scrub and glycolic pads for normal to oily facial skin. Exfoliate on the regular basis to reveal glowing skin underneath dead skin cell and you will look naturally beautiful.

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturize

One golden rule to look naturally beautiful is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You can follow this 3 step every night and wake up with glowing skin the next morning. The dirt gathered in your skin gives you poor complexion. So, it is necessary to reveal them using cleansing milk. Since cleansing leaves your pores open, you should follow with toning. At last, don’t forget to moisturize your skin so that you get soft and supple skin overnight. Likewise, moisturizing is not only for your facial skin. Your body also needs moisturizing.

Protect Yourself from Sun

One of the best ways to look naturally beautiful is by preventing to damage your skin. You might need to work out or stay home, there is no place sun does not reach you. Even during the time you are out drying your clothes for 5 minutes, the sun can affect your skin and you might get tanned. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to apply sunscreen and carry your umbrella if you need to walk out during day time. Sunscreen not only protects you from tanning and deepening your blemishes, it also protects your skin from harmful cancer causing rays. So, 20 minutes before you step out in sun, don’t forget to apply the sunscreen.

DIY Face Masks

Instead of going for costly make-up and cosmetics, you can try your DIY facemasks for glowing skin. There are many types of masks for acne-prone or dry skin or may different reasons. But lemon and brown sugar works as powerful antioxidant and exfoliator while milk, chamomile and cinnamon helps in exfoliation, smoothening and stimulating skin. Thus, DIY facemasks help you look naturally beautiful cleaning your skin.

Brush Teeth Twice a Day

One sure shot sign that other people notice in you is your teeth. Therefore, take care of your teeth as much as you take care of your skin and hair. Brush teeth twice a day to remove plaque and bad breathe.

Sleep Well

Getting a good night sleep for eight hours gets you rid of that tired face and dark circles around your eyes. Therefore, get enough of beauty sleep to look naturally beautiful.

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