KandyPens Elite: The Best Wax Pen Vaporizer

Published Date   11th Sep. 2018, 06:37 am Sadi
KandyPens Elite: The Best Wax Pen VaporizerKandy Pens Elite Wax pen Source:Expert Vaping

The KandyPens Elite Wax Pen is not for your favorite dry herb, but it can be used for any type of oil or wax concentrate, even for very thin oils because the bottom of the atomizer is now sealed, thus it is leak-free.

KandyPens Wax Vaporizers for sale come with two different excellent coils with a distinct experience you’ll feel with each.

KandyPens products have been innovating and improving their vape pen lineup consistently as time goes by, and this is what the company is known for, innovation. Along with style, they brought together all of the best features of their products with the KandyPens Elite Wax Pen.

Let’s take a deeper view of why the KandyPens Elite is considered the superstar KandyPens vaporizer today!

Highlighting the Best Features of Elite

The KandyPens Elite has a durable finish with various metal colors available in addition to the white ceramic paint. In fact, the paint is thicker, having 3 coats, so expect a more durable finish as compared to the other standard painted colors, preventing chipping around the edges.

Once you hold your very own Elite on your palm, you’ll feel the elegance and luxury one can rarely find in a vape pen because it feels so smooth and soft in your hand.

Be impressed with Elite’s 2 top-tier atomizers, one has a ceramic lining with a bottom ceramic plate heater (coil-less), and a quartz-lined atomizer with dual quartz rods. These atomizers work excellently and they have their own advantages, both promoting smoothness and flavorful vapor, although many vapeheads enjoy the quartz atomizer the most.

To minimize leak, while maximizing the amount you can load, both atomizers come with elevated air holes that are placed high up the chamber walls. It has an additional air hole or mouthpiece air-cab on the side of the mouthpiece, freeing up the draw for an easy pull and denser vapor.

Expect natural hit or a low draw resistance with the KandyPens Wax Vaporizers for sale in the market today, most especially with KandyPens Elite Wax Pen.

The temperature range of Elite is pretty good with 4 heat settings. Feel the higher side or denser vapor with the quartz coil, and the lower side or light vapor on the ceramic oil. A little bit of wax concentrate on the ceramic coil will go a long way because of its efficiency.

On the other hand, the quartz atomizer consumes wax faster but with bigger clouds and stronger vapor. You’ll be surprised with the efficiency of the ceramic plate atomizer with its above average battery life. With the dual-quartz coil, expect to get a fair amount of usage since you do not need to take long draws just to obtain a great vapor.

How to Use the KandyPens Elite?

Use the Elite pen with small amounts of wax or oil, considering loading about 0.1 gram of wax concentrate at a time. It can actually hold more than that, about the size of a pea. However, for the best performance and less maintenance, you just have to load a decent amount.

After packing it, “prime” or melt your wax concentrate over the atomizer by giving the power button 3 to 5 quick pulses (about 1 second each). Doing this will also ensure that you’ll get a great vapor from the very first draw.

The ceramic atomizer heats slow and low, so you need to power cycle in full 10 seconds until the LED light flashes. To get the most vapor, you’ll be completely satisfied with the blue or highest setting. You can always turn your Elite on a low heat setting if you want to be discreet, getting a wisp of decent vapor.

On the other hand, the dual-quartz atomizer is best set at the lowest level (purple) to get visible vapor just from a short draw. To start with, pull it slow and short until you obtain a good feel on how strong and the amount of vapor your Elite produces.

When it comes to drawing duration, the sweet spot is between 3 and 5 seconds. Just remember to continue drawing for a few seconds after cutting power for a smoother and satisfying vaping experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips and Tricks

It is important to remember that the KandyPens Wax Vaporizers for sale, like Elite, are primarily designed with small amounts of use at a time. There’s a slim chance of you running into any problems by not overloading the atomizer.

It is normal to see residue buildup and discoloration after using your Elite for quite some time, which is also influenced by the purity of your wax concentrate. The easiest and fastest way of maintaining your Elite pen and getting rid of the residue is by simply doing a “burn off”.

You can do this with the mouthpiece removed, by holding the pen upside down and engaging the power button of the device in 3-second bursts. You need paper towel while doing this so you can run the heat after a few cycles, with the paper towel catching the residue and bunk oil dripping out.

You can’t expect to get your Elite atomizer back to its 100% like-new condition after you already used it. But you can always maximize the coil’s lifespan by being careful and gentle when using it and keeping with regular cleaning maintenance.

You can soak your atomizer in isopropyl alcohol while it is still warm for a few minutes. Avoid soaking too long or rubbing the painted finish when there is still alcohol on it.

For advanced cleaning, you can initially use Propylene Glycol (PG) inside the atomizer, acting like an oil, mixing with the residue as you heat it up to remove it faster, and then use isopropyl alcohol after.

Final Thoughts

Kandypens Wax pen vaporizer
The Elite Case
Source: The Vape Critic

The KandyPens Elite Wax Pen truly depicts elegance, reliability, and superior performance. Generally, if you prefer optimal vapor production, we highly recommend using the quartz coil.

But if you prefer a light vapor and stealth usage, the ceramic atomizer is your best choice. Enjoy every vaping session with the best deals you can get from VapeActive Wax Vaporizers for sale today!

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