How Can You Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills?

Published Date   05th Nov. 2018, 01:34 am  Update Date: November 15th, 2018  06:31 am Sadi
How Can You Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills?Source: Study Breaks magazine

Not everyone is good in writing. But everyone at least in their student life will have to come across writing academic essays. This is mandatory if you want to complete your college or University. And it’s part of your education.

But, the thing is most of the students find writing difficult. And it’s acceptable because it is not an easy task. Because effective academic essay writing doesn’t happen at once or at last moment. Most students screw up, they couldn’t meet deadlines or they would have to restart, make changes again and again. But then you will have other projects and assignments pending too.

You will seek help but your friends are busy, the toppers also need to focus on their own academic essay writings and projects. The professors may help you in research and answering your questions, but still you need to write it.

Let us tell you that academic essay writing though may be difficult but you can still produce them if you know the basics. Let’s find the answer in the following points:

 Make Outline and Read Widely

Before writing comes pre-writing. It means before you begin your essay, make outlines of what you are you going to write. Know your material, and aim to persuade readers with your ideas based on evidences. Start researching, once you are clear with what you want to write, look for similar articles and studies.

Once you think the article you went through is promising, read the abstract and know if it’s relevant to your study. After you find few articles, go through the bibliographies, see and make note of the citations,  search them for your own research.

Making outlines of what points you would cover on your academic writing will make it easier for your explanation.

Know Basic Grammar, Punctuation and Style

Get solid understanding of Grammar like proper pronoun and article usage, well-formed sentence structures. Know where to use your punctuation. Voice is really important in academic essay writing. Try your best to use active voice whenever possible. Active instead of passive makes the essay’s tone stronger. Similarly, avoid using unnecessary wordiness.

Analyze the Evidence

Always understand the main argument of your academic essay. Always know if the evidence you have been looking for directly support your thesis. If no, then don’t include or even look for the evidence. Be critical and thorough to evaluate your evidences, as everything you include in your writing should be connected with your main argument.

Make your beginning and conclusion strong

What problem or question are you thinking about? The beginning of your essay should indicate the direction of your idea. The readers should know what idea you are writing about and why they would want to read on. Similarly, when you write your points, provide explanation whenever possible for your readers’ understanding. Remember the who, what, where, when, how and why the wh-questions. Your writing should answer the questions.

Similarly, your conclusion should just highlight the main points and result, and answer the question in brief you have started in your academic writing.

Review your draft, check with your academic supervisors, rewrite and give your final copy.

Remember to always start from day one. Don’t wait till last moment. Do enough research and remember tomorrow never comes. The first step to end a work is to begin. So begin on time.

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