The Promising Future of Valiant’s Cinematic Universe

Published Date   28th Mar. 2019, 07:45 am superbhub
The Promising Future of Valiant’s Cinematic UniverseImage source:valiantentertainment

For the better part of the last two decades, superhero cinematic universes have been dominated by the two powerhouses of Marvel and DC. That is, until now.

DMG Entertainment, the production company behind superhero blockbuster, Iron Man 3 and other DMG Entertainment movies, is making a bold bid to de-throne the more established movie franchises by acquiring the comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment.

Now DMG’s subsidiary, Valiant Entertainment’s comic book characters will soon be creating their very own cinematic universe. So why should fans get excited about this news?

Well, there are a number of reasons, but let’s start with Valiant’s comics and their characters.

Valiant Delivers Superior Comics

Whilst Marvel and DC focus on publishing their comic books in volume to keep their fans satiated, Valiant takes an altogether different approach.

Every comic book release is meticulously planned, from the storylines to the illustrations.

They hire the best writers, and they focus on a much tighter roster of heroes and villains. This means there is a lot more room to work on developing characters through their backstories and their inter-personal relationships.

Their philosophy when it comes to publishing is certainly quality, not quantity.

Fans and critics have reacted well to the added depth given to the characters and their story arcs. DMG and Sony are certainly hoping to use this to their advantage when they bring characters such as Bloodshot to the big screen.

DMG Entertainment Bring Experience To The Table 

As we mentioned above, DMG Entertainment already has a track record in co-producing and delivering huge superhero movies such as Iron Man 3.

In fact, when it was released it was a runaway box office success, grossing over $1.2 billion worldwide. The movie was only topped by Disney’s Frozen as the highest grossing film of 2013.

Crucial in this success was DMG’s involvement in distributing the film to the ever-expanding Chinese movie market. If they can repeat that success with the Valiant Cinematic Universe, then Marvel and DC may have a serious challenge to their duopoly.

Hollywood A-Listers Are Already On Board

When any type of film franchise is launched, it helps to have a big name actor announced to build some momentum. This is already the case for Valiant with the casting of Vin Diesel as Bloodshot, one of the most prominent characters in the Valiant comic book universe.

Vin Diesel is no stranger to comic book universes since he provides the voice for the character Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Bloodshot is set for release in February 2020 and is already post-production. It is hoped that it can set the tone for a series of movies involving this character, as he takes part in many storylines in the Valiant universe which could be converted into consequent movies.

Valiant Cinematic Universe Won’t Be Limited To The Silver Screen

 Another reason to get excited about the creation of the Valiant Cinematic Universe is that you won’t have to visit the cinema to get a slice of the action.

Deals have already been signed with CBS studios and the CW network to air a series on a Valiant character known as Dr. Mirage.

But perhaps most VCU fans will be most excited by the possibility of the dynamic duo of Quantum and Woody coming to TV screens. The show is being developed by the Russo Brothers, and it is rumored that TBS has a signed a pre-production deal to air the show.

Giving a television series to a few of the Valiant roster will give more time for writers and producers to develop characters, their storylines and it leaves the door open for them to join their silver-screen counterparts at a later date.


For years, comic book fans have been longing for a different offering to the Marvel/DC paradigm.

In 2020, fans will finally be granted their wish with the release of Bloodshot in the first of what will hopefully be a series of movies around which DMG Entertainment can build a global fan base.

Only time will tell how well these Valiant Cinematic Universe productions will stand up to their Marvel and DC rivals, but here’s hoping to a healthy and long-lasting rivalry!

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