Why is Cosmetic Surgery So Popular?

Published Date   12th Sep. 2019, 22:34 pm Sadi
Why is Cosmetic Surgery So Popular?

More and more often we’re seeing people get a variety of cosmetic surgeries done. While some people used to deflect questions about whether or not they’ve had work done, we’ve started getting very open about our procedures.

Procedures like double eyelid surgery have also continued to grow. It’s not just for older people anymore, either. Young adults, even teenagers, are getting more cosmetic procedures than before. Some of these aren’t just small touch-ups. Often we see celebrities getting surgeries than make them completely unrecognizable. With so much of an increase in cosmetic surgeries, many people can’t help but wonder what exactly it is that’s causing it. 

Social Media

Social media and smartphones have no doubt made an impact on everyone’s lives. For most who use it, you can’t go much more than a day without checking at least something. One of the most important parts of social media for many is posting pictures.

When you post online, you get to put your best self out there. This allows you to only choose photos that you want to represent yourself. Most people would agree that this includes only photos of you looking your best. You can edit photos to enhance certain features while deleting those you don’t like. 

You’re also constantly bombarded by pictures of celebrities and influencers doing the same thing. In a sense, it’s their job to post photos of themselves looking good. When looking at the posts, it can be hard to tell if they’re edited, have had work done, or if they actually just look that way. Even if they don’t admit it, it’s unlikely that they actually look the way many famous influencers do.

Editing yourself in photos and seeing these pictures of perfect-looking people can add on a lot of pressure. This can result in many people deciding to get cosmetic procedures to look the way they want to in real life. 

More Widespread Acceptance

Tabloid magazines for years have had headlines splashed across the covers about celebrities who get cosmetic surgeries. Typically, these headlines shine a negative light on cosmetic surgery and those who get them. Seeing such bad things about it can make the general public believe that it really is a bad thing. Many people would keep quiet about having work done, even if it was clearly noticeable that they had.

Today, we’re much more acceptable about people taking these additional steps to change their appearance. In contrast to an older generation that believes what you’re born with is what you have, we’ve gotten more open-minded about letting people do what they want to their bodies.

In many cases, cosmetic surgery can vastly improve someone’s life. Rather than struggle with insecurity, they can take it into their own hands to control the way they look and how others perceive them. This has more people feeling the confidence to talk to a cosmetic surgeon and encourages more people to be open about it. 

Better Access To Information

There’s not much that you can’t find on the internet. Generation in the past didn’t have the privilege of having all the information they want right at their fingertips. Before, it required a lot more work to find out information about the different cosmetic surgeries that were available to you.

Getting medical information certainly has its pros and cons, but it’s changed the way we view any kind of medical procedure. You can look through whatever cosmetic procedure you want, find out all the risks, and read through thousands of reviews. This can make you feel more sure about your procedure and can help encourage you to have more discussions with your doctor. 

Since more people are talking about their experiences with plastic surgery, you can get more information from people you can actually connect with. People aren’t afraid to say that they loved their procedure or that they regret getting it done. Having a more informed society can certainly lead to more people gaining the confidence to have surgery. 

Less Invasive Procedures

Some people might hear “plastic surgery” and imagine some wrapped in bandages until they heal. Certain procedures were a big decision to make due to the severity of the surgery, the healing time, and the risks that can occur.

When you think that you’ll have a bruised, swollen face for a few weeks, that can be enough to make you not want the surgery. No one wants to deal with a long, painful recovery, so cosmetic surgery in the past was a big commitment to make. 

Thanks to new technology and medical advancements, there are many minimally and non-invasive procedures to choose from. These don’t require any actual surgery and pose very few, non-serious risks.

Some are even temporary, so you can let them fade away if you aren’t happy with them. Many of these cosmetic procedures are known as “lunchtime procedures” because they only take around an hour and you can get back to your day after. This can make it much easier to decide if you want surgery or not. 

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