The Best Necklace Types For Men – And How to Wear Them!

Published Date   11th Jan. 2019, 08:55 am superbhub
The Best Necklace Types For Men – And How to Wear Them!

Necklaces for men are a bit different, compared to those worn by women. One difference is that men usually don’t wear “costume jewelry.” These jewelry are the types of necklaces that are mostly big and chunky, with lots of diamond look-alikes or jewels usually partnered with evening gowns. This is strictly for women’s fashion. For men, jewelry isn’t usually the focus of their outfits. Jewelry for men is intended to complement a man’s outfit, not to overwhelm it.

Necklaces on men are seen as stylish, and people tend to notice the accent the jewelry provides. There are several types of men’s necklaces that have been in traditional men’s styles for decades. That aspect alone just goes to show that when you’ve been educated on different jewelry types, you’ll know how to wear them effectively. Check out the best necklaces for men that take their style level up to grown man status.


Chains have been worn by men even with no other stylish accents, which means they are already a statement on their own. Chains look good with a variety of men’s wear but stand out with others. For this reason, chains of sentimental significance are typically worn under the shirt, if the chain does not fit the clothing style.

The metal that makes up the chain defines how the whole chain looks, so it is recommended to avoid cheaply made chains. Go for the ones that are made of silver, gold, or platinum.

Plain and unsophisticated metal chains are traditional men’s accessories. They come in various styles depending on what metal is used, and how long the chain is. The most common style of a chain necklace has flat loops linked close together so that they appear like a ribbon made of solid metal. It usually is long enough to touch the collarbone.

When wearing a chain, keep your style simple. Don’t be too bold with it. This could take away from the accent a chain can provide. If you tuck it into your shirt, try to keep a small part visible. It will be enough to make a statement.

Religious Symbols

Another type of necklace worn by men is religious symbols. Some of these necklaces are required by specific religions, while others only wear them to display their personal beliefs. Some common examples of religious necklaces are crosses and the Star of David. Usually, these kinds of necklaces are worn under the shirt, against the body, and the symbol attached to a long chain falling along the neckline.

Dog Tags

Military dog tags are a specialized kind of pendant, but now are becoming more unique because of jewelers making upgraded, trendy versions. A basic dog tag is composed of a pair of tabs hanging on a ball chain with text written on them.

Actual dog tags used by the military have the soldier’s name, medical info, and rank listed on them. The stylish dog tags usually have blank ovals and can be replaced with a sign or image. People have various takes on this kind of necklace. Some like the military style, but others find it disrespectful to real soldiers since it commercializes and trivializes a piece of their duty uniform.

Also, with dog tags being seen as a “manly man” piece of jewelry since they signify real military members who are physically fit, you can typically expect to see this type of jewelry on a man who vigorously works out, and probably has a very A-Type personality.


The word pendant has broad implications and interpretations, but when it comes to necklaces, it simply means a single small ornament hanging on a long chain or cord that rests just below the neck

. Pendants are so popular that they can be anything as long as it is small enough to comfortably rest against the clavicle. Pendants are usually worn outside shirts to give a casual look, but they can also be tucked underneath your clothes using a turned-down collar.

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