25 High Paid Jobs in the USA

Published Date   04th Jul. 2017, 02:34 am  Update Date: July 17th, 2017  07:38 pm Binesh Shrestha
25 High Paid Jobs in the USA

While deciding a major, there are two things that a student keeps in mind. One is the demand of the job that major leads another is the interest. Also, with the skyrocketing tuition fees, one needs to look into the money aspect i.e. whether the job that comes after completion of graduation comes with enough of payment to cover invested tuition fee or not. Therefore, to ease the choice for student or anyone willing to change path, following is the list of 25 high paid jobs in the USA.

Information Technology program manager

Nowadays, for all kind of companies, IT has become an undeniably important aspect. Therefore, Information Technology program manager is highly sought and well paid position. Information Technology program manager is responsible for running company’s IT department.

Training and development managers

The employees having a set of skills in training, management and skill development are seen as asset to various companies. Hence, a training and development manager makes the list of highly demanded position as well as secure high paid job in the USA.

Financial analyst

Well educated finance expert can make above 1500 USD weekly on average. Not only the position mushroomed due to projected growth of financial institutions, the position also requires expertise. As a result, financial analyst makes one of the top 25 high paid jobs in the USA.

Public relations and fundraising managers

For the success for a company, public relation is an important aspect. Thus, the employee who can keep the track of public opinion and manage service accordingly is in demand. Therefore, Public relations and fundraising managers is listed under high paid jobs in the USA since they are responsible for maintaining company’s reputation.


Whether in a business or government agencies, everyone should act lawfully else face the consequences. Therefore, attorney becomes not only one of the significant jobs, but also one of the high paid jobs. Responsible for advising in legal matter, the law experts make around 95,000 USD.

Research and development manager

Developing existing programs or taking initiatives, like launching new products in the business, a research and development manager is in high demand these days. They provide recommendation for improving existing products. Consequently, this expert role makes one of high paid jobs in the USA making more than 110,000 USD as median base salary.

Nuclear engineer

Applying the theories and principles of nuclear science, a nuclear engineer is responsible for use of nuclear energy as well as its disposal. Since the position requires high level expertise and knowledge, the position makes one of the high paid jobs in the USA.


They are accountable for analyzing financial consequences especially in the insurance companies. Further, they also play significant role in consulting firms, government agencies, corporations and banks. Making median base salary of 99,000 USD, actuary falls in high paid jobs list.

Application development manager

They plan, coordinate and supervise business operations by developing organization’s software applications. Also responsible for upgrading existing systems, an application development manager makes as much as or even higher than $112,000.

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

From commercial pilots to firefighters, the occupation has starting salary of $20,000 annually. However, with the experience and expertise, their salary rises higher making the profession one of the high paid jobs in the USA.

Nurse practitioner

With the work of diagnosing and treating acute or chronic illness, a nurse practitioner can work independently or with the health care team. They make more than $100,000 as a median base salary in the USA.

Solutions architect

The position overlooks and designs company’s application or product keeping their clients’ demand in mind. Earning $102,000 as median base salary, the job is one of the high paid jobs in the USA.

Information technology architect

Responsible for upgrading computer system of company, an IT architect earns as much as $105,000 as median base salary.

Corporate controller

Responsible for looking after a company’s accounting department, an expert accounting role can lead one to earn more than 110,000 USD.

Physician assistant

A physician assistant is accountable for providing treatments and counseling to patients. The role requires enough knowledge and training but also makes one of the high paid jobs with base salary of 112,000 USD.

Enterprise architect

In this creative yet highly expert role, one conceptualizes the operation of an organization. Making 112,000 USD as base salary, enterprise architect is another high paid jobs in the USA.


Responsible for dispensing medications and providing information about the medicines, a pharmacist earns as much as 125,000 USD. Though the job requires sufficient knowledge and vast experience, the job is highly in demand.

Patent attorney

Similar to attorney, a patent attorney provides legal advises to investors and manufacturers making the median base salary of above 130,000 USD.

Systems Architect

A system architect creates networking and operating computer system. Since the position plays an important role in today’s IT influenced time, a system architect gets paid as much as $97,000.


A dentist can earn about 96,000 USD which makes it one of the high paid jobs in the USA. However, like other medical personnel, a dentist required rigorous training and substantial education to earn a competitive salary.

Architectural and engineering managers

They develop new products and places with the budget of hundreds of millions. Paid $117,000 annually, architectural and engineering managers falls under high paid jobs.

Chemical engineers

With only bachelor’s degree, a chemical engineer can earn high enough to make descent living. Useful in various sectors from cosmetics to pharmacy, this job makes $1,877 as median weekly earning.

Chief executives

The topmost position of a company makes $2,300 weekly salary for executing company’s plans and operations. Vast knowledge in business and even more experience is required to get this role.

Medical science liaison

The role comprises of communicating with public about the benefits of medical products. Knowledge and training in combination makes a medical science liaison one  of the high paid jobs in the USA with median base salary of $132,000.

Physician and surgeons

As the importance for health care is growing, the job demand for physicians and surgeon is also growing. Responsible for examining, treating patient and prescribing medicines, a physician makes as much as $187,000 as median base salary.

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