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Published Date   14th Sep. 2018, 00:45 am Sadi
SharpLight – Skin Laser RejuvenationSource: SharpLight

Each one of us wishes for an everlasting glow and fresh skin, even with growing age, we want to have a pleasing skin so we can look young and beautiful. With the increase in awareness of self-skin care, not only females but also males are looking forward to taking care of their skin.

Looking at this need for clear and young skin, researches have conducted extensive researches and have developed multiple ways which could help in reducing the ageing signs. Some of the treatments made available in the market for skin rejuvenation are dermal fillers, laser therapies and cosmetic surgeries.

These possible treatments for getting rid of the ageing skin and other skin imperfection have also resulted in increasing the self-confidence of individuals who once had bad skin.

Professional skin clinics, dermatologists are providing advanced beauty treatments along with skin rejuvenation and other skin issues.

SharpLight provides treatment against ageing signs and gives remarkable and long lasting results.  It  provides treatments approved by the food and drugs association which shows that they are safe for human health.

How does the skin rejuvenation treatment work?

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Infrared (IR)Radio Frequency (RF)technologies are used for skin rejuvenation treatment in SharpLight. This treatment provides results just after a few sessions, it tightens and clears the skin and gives a young aesthetically pleasing skin.

The treatment system is built to target the skin problems from different angles keeping a balance in treatment. By this, the damaged collagen fibres under the skin are replaced by new ones and promote the skin to start healing itself.

Moreover, by the process of selective photo thermolysis in which the dead cells are induced resulting in eliminating and reducing the pigmentation and birthmarks. The exclusive technology they apply short –pulse broadband light and low energy; it reduces the irregularities of the skin and gives a young and fresh skin.

Understand more about the skin rejuvenation treatment of SharpLight.

For whom the treatment is suitable?

The skin treatment of SharpLight is appropriate to treat areas of the neck, chest, face and hands. It is suitable for treating patients of all age and all types of skin.

What does the skin rejuvenation treatment do?

The skin rejuvenation treatment reduces the sunspots and pigmentation caused by excessive sun exposure. In addition, it also reduces the

  • Fine Lines
  • Dyschromia
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Elastosis
  • Open Pores
  • Spider Veins

Some basic advantages of skin rejuvenation treatment

The skin rejuvenation treatment, at the same time, treats the side effects of sunlight exposure, environmental pollution and the aging issues. Other main advantages of the skin rejuvenation treatments are:

  1. It is a non-invasion skin rejuvenation treatment that isn’t painful.
  2. Helps in reducing the wrinkles and pigmentations.
  3. Tightens the skin efficiently.
  4. Few sessions will provide you with excellent results that will last longer than you think.
  5. No downtime.
  6. No adverse irritation or allergies are observed after the treatment.
  7. Once a month session is great to go.
  8. The skin laser rejuvenation treatment includes separate instruments to treat birthmarks and other irregularities.
  9. Rehydrate the dry skin.

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