How to Cure Insomnia Without Medication and Naturally?

Published Date   29th Jul. 2018, 17:19 pm Binesh Shrestha
How to Cure Insomnia Without Medication and Naturally?

It’s very difficult to live with insomnia, a disorder where the person cannot sleep at night or keeps sleeping continuously after falling asleep. Insomnia can be light, or sometimes it can even be chronic due to various disturbances of the mind.

These days with so much stress, environmental factors, and workload, it’s a prevalent issue among the present generation, and definitely, the older ones are affected as well.

How do you feel to stay awake when everybody else is sleeping peacefully? Surely terrible! Sleep is very important, even more, essential than food sometimes. There are natural remedies to this problem because sleeping pills are working for too long.

Insomnia is a problem.

Insomnia is a big health issue, Image Source: General Literacy Project

Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia can be caused due to the following factors:

  • Different types of stressful situations, chronic stress
  • Uncomfortable sleeping environment
  • Some medications that interfere with sleep
  • Emotional or physical pain
  • Irregular sleep routine, staying awake for too late
  • Various medical condition
  • In taking too much caffeine or some other stimulants

Effects of Insomnia

Mental Stress and depression

Insomnia causes mental stress, Image Source: Andhrawishesh

  • It decreases the productivity and performance; your career progress slows down
  • You remain in a bad mood and mentally stressed
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Your reflexes are weakened
  • Worsens your health like high blood pressure and heart disease, affects the immune system, brain cells are weakened, and toxins accumulate in the body.

Relieving Insomnia Naturally

There are herbal sleep products available in the market, but even herbal medicines are not a long time solution. So, here are some tips:

1) Adopt a sleep routine – You need to maintain a sleep routine or regular sleep hygiene. Try going to bed a bit early and even if you can’t make it so early, try maintaining the same bedtime daily. For the first few nights you might have problems, but with time you would get used to it. Do not vary too much on your weekends.

2) Do not take daytime naps – People who take a nap in the afternoon, suffering from sleep disorders at night. Try skipping your nap if you wish to sleep peacefully at night.

Daytime sleep

Daytime sleep is injurious to health, Image Source: Daily Mirror

3) Sleep in a comfortable bed – It’s very important to choose the correct mattress based on many elements. Such as your sleeping position, the temperature of the room, and sleeping behavior of your partners. Don’t hesitate to invest in a high-quality mattress, per some mattress experts; you can try some online brands risk-free, most of them provided 100+ nights free trial, and you can send back if you don’t like within trial period.  I don’t think there are best mattresses. Only the ones suit you most.

4) No caffeine and alcohol – Avoid caffeine if you have insomnia because it is a brain stimulant. Drinking coffee interferes with sleep so cut down on coffee intake mainly in the evening. Do not consume coffee at least 10 hours before sleeping to fight insomnia. Alcohol is intoxicating, but it can cause sleep disorders. Caffeine and alcohol both cause urination, so you might feel like urinating in the middle of the night, and this hinders sleep.

Alcohol Trouble

Drinking alcohol can cause Insomnia, Image Credit: Healthhista

5) Put bedroom to right use; it’s for sleeping – You bedroom should have an ambiance that is fit for sleeping. Do not watch TV, don’t eat or watch involve other activities inside the bedroom. Have a cozy bed, dim lights, and slow music so that the room is enough to invite sleep.

6) No taking high-carbohydrate snacks before bedtime – Cut off sugar intake after 6 pm and stop munching away high-carb snacks late evening. Eat nutritious food that promotes sleep like a glass of warm milk, nuts, a perfect and no drinking plenty water before sleep. You must stop consuming fluids in excess two hours before bedtime.

7) Regular exercise – Exercise on a regular basis can reduce stress, increase your concentration level and also gives good sleep at night. You must indulge in half an hour of workout sessions but its better if you don’t exercise in the evenings. Endorphins are produced, and it can cause stimulation of the brain if one engages in exercise within three hours of night’s sleep.

regular exercise

Regular exercise can help solve Insomnia, Image Credit: Bionime

8) If you have problems falling asleep – You are in your bed and still, you don’t feel like sleeping? Do not use smartphones when you jump into your bed; this can cause hindrance of you are already suffering from insomnia. If you are lying down in bed and its past thirty minutes, you still can’t sleep, get up do some relaxation like taking a warm bath, do some light reading and within 30 more minutes you would feel sleepy, go back to bed that time. You can also read a book sleeping on the bed, and you might fall asleep soon.


You would find these tips useful in fighting insomnia without medications, not even the herbal ones. But if you still suffer from sleep disorders even after abiding by these tips, its time to see a doctor.

Conquer insomnia and stay well!

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