Detoxification Program: What to Expect

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Detoxification Program: What to ExpectSource: Serenity Acres

Drug addiction is common and one of the most challenging problems to deal with. It is not easy to break the cycle of drug addiction as it involves physical dependence. In order to get through the acute withdrawal period, it is essential to address the dependence first.

The initial preparation for the rehab treatment, which is referred to as drug detoxification or detox and is one of the most important stages of treatment.

What is detoxification?

Drug addiction treatments have continued to evolve with time. However, each of the treatments always initiates with detoxification or detox.

Detoxification is the removal of any drugs or its traces from the body using medications. It is essential to note that the detox treatment would not address the psychological and behavioral issues related to drug addiction but is an essential part of drug addiction treatment.

It can be carried out in an outpatient and inpatient facility under the supervision of medical experts.

Undergoing detox

The first step is to pick the right drug rehab facility based on your needs. The detox procedure can take anywhere between a couple of days to a week or even more depending on the situation of the patient, the substance and his response.

After initial counseling, there would be a complete physical exam and a few tests will be done. Based on the results, the rehab would decide on your medication, meals, and type of treatment.

Going through the detox can be tough as it is difficult to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Before beginning the detox, you will be given medication.  However, as the process is done under a professional and experienced staff, you need not worry. The professionals at the rehab will try to keep you mentally and physically strong to deal with the detox through counseling and a healthy diet.

Gradually, you would be introduced to holistic healing activities and recreational activities. The medical team at the rehab would ensure that the detox program is being carried out safely and effectively.

The team would monitor you round the clock, study your sleeping patterns and ask for regular feedback. If you have any concerns or are not able to sleep well, you should talk to your doctor.

After the initial few days of detox, the body will have purged itself of the drugs, its traces, and the toxins.  The withdrawal symptoms would gradually lose their frequency and intensity. However, that doesn’t mean that you are cured. Your body and mind may still feel tired.

Detox prepares you for the next phase of the drug addiction program. At this point, you may experience a flood of emotions like fear, hope, sadness, and even anger.

However, you have just crossed one of the significant challenges and can look forward to a new life full of hope. Professional detox and rehabilitation programs change your thought patterns and habits that encouraged addiction in the first place.

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