Emma DiGiovine, Reason for Noelle Watters and Jesse Watters Divorce

Published Date   30th May. 2018, 13:17 pm  Update Date: March 7th, 2019  02:51 am Binesh Shrestha
Emma DiGiovine, Reason for Noelle Watters and Jesse Watters Divorce

Noelle Watters filed a divorce against her husband Jesse Watters after she heard about the alleged relationship of her husband with Emma DiGiovine. Could Emma really be the reason behind the filed divorce of Noelle and Jesse Watters?

Jesse Watters works on the Fox News Channel as a conservative political commentator. The President of the US, Donald Trump even invited Jesse to dine with him for he couldn’t get enough of him on the TV along with Seb Gorka. Emma DiGiovine is the associate producer in Jesse’s show.

Is Emma DiGiovine the reason behind divorce of Noelle Watters and Jesse Watters?

The marriage of Noelle Watters and Jesse Watters was believed to be going fantastically good until it emerged in 2017 that the 39-year old Jesse was cheating on her with an associate producer working with him at the Fox News named Emma DiGiovine.

Noelle and Jesse met at the Fox News itself. Noelle was the host of a web show called iMag Style. In 2009 the pair got married and in 2011 they had twin girls.

Noelle Watters filed dovirce to Jesse Watters because of Emma DiGiovine

Noelle Watters and husband Jesse Watters with their twins daughters born in 2011.  Image Source: Daily Entertainment

The news of Jesse’s infidelity must have come as a shock to Noelle as she had given up her career for the family. The pair of Noelle and Jesse have twins, and back in 2011 when Noelle left for maternity leave she never returned.

Jesse and Noelle Watters divorce because of Emma DiGiovine

Noelle Watters and Jesse Watters captured outside The White House. ImageSource: NY Daily News.

No one would have known about the relationship if it weren’t for Jesse himself as he informed the network of his unchaste relationship with Emma DiGiovine shortly after his wife Noelle filed the divorce.

Jesse Waters's young girlfriend Ema DiGiovine

Jesse Watters relationship with alleged relationship with girlfriend Emma DiGiovine. 

Some sources still say that Jesse and Emma are still dating. A spokesperson said that after Jesse voluntarily reported about his consensual relationship with a co-worker, the management transferred the woman to work on another program and she currently remains there still.

Last year when Jesse and Emma posted photos of their outings together including on a Caribbean vacation, at that time the rumors of them being together spread.

Jesse Watters is also known as the Fox News’ golden boy and even Donald Trump signed a menu for him writing “To Jesse you are great”.

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