Why is Blackjack the Go To Game Amongst Celebrities

Published Date   15th Feb. 2022, 19:56 pm superbhub
Why is Blackjack the Go To Game Amongst Celebrities

When it comes to casinos and A-listers’ go-to game, blackjack always seems to be at the top of the list. Why? Well, many believe that it’s because of what the game offers to its players. With its mixture of skill, chance and strategy you really can’t go wrong. Then there’s the prize money that’s on offer, because what’s a good blackjack game without that, right? Even the highest-earning celebrities like the prospect of a big win, because sometimes, it’s not about the money, but the thrill! And, if you consider yourself quite the strategic player, you needn’t be a celebrity or high roller to try your hands at a good game of online blackjack. Not sure where to find the best game? Then we suggest you head on to HeadlineCasinos, where blackjack casinos that have been tested to provide odds that are in your favor, as you would expect them to be, as available.

So, let’s delve a little deeper into exactly which world-famous personalities have had a stint or two at the Blackjack table. 

Prince Harry

Let’s start with the royalty first. It is no secret that Prince Harry has a public image which portrays him as the black sheep of the family. This general perception of Prince Harry and his character is not without good reasons. Not only is he known for being overly carnal and materialistic, but a few things he has done in the past really raise questions about his judgement and character. For starters, not everybody took his dressing up as Adolf Hitler in a fancy dress event as being funny. In another instance, he came in the public eye again for apparently having indulged in strip billiards while at a hotel. It is common knowledge that he enjoys a great deal of admiration from the fairer sex, but we highly doubt that it is for his gentlemanliness. 

Prince Harry was once seen at a Blackjack table and came to be known that he was a fan of the game. He was visibly inebriated and that certainly did not seem to help his blackjack strategy as he lost $300 in just a few quick moments while playing at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. But then, $300 is probably pocket change for a Prince and who are we to judge. 

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

The reason we’ve combined these two Hollywood actors is because they are usually inseparable friends that seem to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and apparently, they’re both fond of spending time playing Blackjack. 

Matt Damon, for instance, once played Blackjack on the set of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show. He has also been seen practicing his Blackjack strategy at various casinos around the world. We don’t really know how good he is, but we do know he can certainly afford to play for the heck of it and sometimes, playing for fun is the best way to win. 

Ben Affleck, on the other hand, is known to be a good Blackjack player. In fact, he could just be the best Blackjack playing celeb we’ve ever seen. He seems to be gifted when playing cards are around because he’s particularly good at poker as well. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino once booted Affleck from a casino table because he was winning too much and the house didn’t like it and felt he might be counting cards.

In the past, the actor has openly talked about how he has studied the game and its various strategies and confessed that he is well versed with the art of card counting as well. There is good reason for casinos to be watchful when the Gone Girl actor is around. He has an affinity towards high-stakes casino gams and is also known for his poker face. He once won $356,400 at a poker tournament which then resulted in him securing a seat in the successive World Poker Tour Championship. The actor was able to trump a field of 90 other players on his way to clinch the California State Poker Championship. 

Paris Hilton

We can’t really blame Paris Hilton for splurging like there is no tomorrow, especially considering her net worth of over $300 million. With so much money in the bank, the girl can afford to have some fun at the casino tables without being particularly crafty or skilled at any of the games. However, you might be taken aback to know that she actually has a pretty good record playing Blackjack. She once grabbed over $50,000 in winnings and it was all over just one short blackjack session. Let’s be honest, it is better than what most of us can achieve. Paris Hilton loves showing up at casinos and having all eyes on her, she’s been seen making paid appearances at some of the worlds most famous casinos. In fact, she is actually the fact of world-famous online casino site BGO. 

50 Cent

This Rapper certainly did not have it easy growing up. He lived the thug life and even took several bullets, literally. He’s been arrested on more than one occasion too. 50 has managed to clean up his act and become one of the most recognized rappers in the world. He uses the wealth he has amassed for many things and gambling doesn’t take a backseat either. He’s been known to splurge upwards of $70,000 in one gaming session and even has his own 50 Cent Blackjack app. 

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