Published Date   20th Dec. 2016, 11:44 am  Update Date: April 3rd, 2017  09:05 am Binesh Shrestha

Consider this when you are happily using your cell phone the next time. Widespread cell phone use can triple brain cancer risk. Long-term use of mobile phones, as well as cordless phones, has been deemed to be the reason behind an increased risk of a type of brain tumor called glioma.

New studies have shown that the widespread use of cell phone tripled the risk for glioma among those people who have been using the wireless phone for more than 25 years. The risk is greater for people who started using cordless or mobile phones before the age of 20.

How are people exposed to cancer because of cell phones and cordless phones?

RF waves from cell phones are the reasons behind the tripled risk of brain cancer. The RF waves lose energy quickly as they move away from the phone. As the phone is against the side of the head when in use, the exposure of the person to RF energy is greater. The factors that affect the amount of RF energy to which the person is exposed depends on:

  • The amount of time a person is on the phone.
  • Use of the speaker mode or the hands free mode. Holding the phone to be held away from the head avoids too much exposure to RF rays.
  • The amount of cell phone traffic in the area at a certain time. Higher traffic means more RF energy required to get a good signal.
  • The distance and path to the nearest cell phone tower are another important consideration. Farther away from the tower requires more energy for getting a good signal and hence more exposure to RF rays.
  • Model of the cell phone. Different models of cell phones give off different amount of energy.
What should be done?

Now that it has been known that widespread cell phone use can triple brain cancer risk, there are a number of steps that can be adopted to reduce the associated risks.

  • It is necessary for doctors to discuss the precautions with their patients.
  • Use of hands-free phones or the loudspeaker feature is recommended to reduce the risk of being exposed to high amount of RF Waves.
  • Instead of phoning, using text messaging is recommended.
  • Models, which give off lesser RF energy, can be used as an alternative to phones which give off more RF energy.
  • Mobile phone use in children, lesser than 20 years of age is not recommended.

It is recommended that with the knowledge that widespread cell phone use can triple brain cancer risk, precautions should be undertaken in order to reduce the associated risks.

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