Best Exercises / Workout Ideas for Couples 2018 Edition

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Best Exercises / Workout Ideas for Couples 2018 Edition

Even the most boring exercises are not so debilitating if you perform them with your best friend or your loved one. In terms of effectiveness, joint workouts are not inferior to ordinary ones. Moreover, the positive emotions that can be obtained from such a pastime give even more motivation.

Do not be lazy and train regularly! Practicing together, you will motivate each other for new feats. Growing up together is a very nice thing. You’ll never want to stop.

Squat back to each other

What it affects: Thigh muscles, calf, and big gluteus muscles.

How to perform: Partners stand with their backs to each other, join their hands in the lock, take a step forward, and begin to perform deep squats. (And especially if you perform them with Ukrainian ladies). The number of repetitions: 3 sets of 10 squats. After performing this exercise for one week, the number of approaches and repetitions can be increased.

Back squatting

What it affects: Quadriceps, hip biceps, and big gluteus.

How to perform: Partners stand, facing each other and holding each other’s hands. They both take a step back and begin to squat. The guy performs them as usual, and the girl takes his leg back with each squat. Then both switch places.

The number of repetitions: 2 sets of 10 squats for each leg.

Double push up

What it affects: Large pectoral muscles, triceps, shoulders, and abs.

How to perform: The guy gets down on the floor, and his partner gets down on his back – her hands rest on the legs of the stalls, and her legs are on his shoulders. The guy does the push-ups, holding the girl on his back, and when he returns to his original position, the girl does the push-ups.

The number of repetitions: 2 sets of 10 pushups.

High Five Pushups

What they affect: Anterior gear muscles, deltoid muscles, triceps.

How to perform: The guy and his partner get down, lying opposite each other, and perform synchronous pushups. When returning to the starting position, the partners give each other high fives, changing hands after each push-up.

The number of repetitions: 2 sets of 10 pushups.


What they affect: Muscles of the back and midsection, deltoid muscles, biceps.

How to perform: The guy and his partner take up the bar, and the girl grasps the guy’s the legs, acting as an additional weight. Partners begin to catch up at the same time. A nice bonus is a kiss after each repetition.

The number of repetitions: 2 sets of 10 pull-ups.

Lifting legs with pushing away

What it affects: Lower abdominal muscles.

How to perform: The guy is standing, and the girl lies down on the floor, takes her hands on her partner’s ankles and begins to raise her legs at a 90 ° angle. At the same time, the guy stretches his arms and pushes the legs of the girl, returning them to the starting position, then the partners change places.

Number of repetitions: 3 sets of 10 repetitions

How to motivate yourself to workout

In a big city, where fitness has become a fashion, new clubs, methods of losing weight and hundreds of new followers of the fitness movement appear every day. It looks like people are into a healthy lifestyle, but in practice, at least 50% of beginners give up their classes in the first three months.

Most people say that motivation for training is to consider dissatisfaction with their bodies. Many people really imagine how all their problems will disappear one day if they become slim and muscular. But then they quit their workouts.

How to avoid it? Here are some basic techniques:

– New Vision. Revise your view on physicality and fitness as a necessary evil or a way to achieve something.

– True why. Find your true “why.” There are different ways to get to them. You can, for example, ask yourself, “Why do I need it?” Get an answer and ask again, “And why should I?” Repeat seven times.

Do not be afraid of failure and never hurry!

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