25 Natural Remedies to Get Rid Of Altitude Sickness

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25 Natural Remedies to Get Rid Of Altitude Sickness

25 Natural Remedies to Get Rid Of Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness is additionally known by the name of intense mountain sickness. On occasion, it additionally transforms into High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), which can be an existence debilitating condition. The fundamental purpose behind the reason for height sickness is additionally the disappointment of acclimatization of the human body past a specific rise. More often than not, the human body neglects to alter regarding homeostasis of liquid adjust and science. Now and again, the procedure of acclimatization extends from days to weeks, after which the body can, in any event, react to the outer jolt and standardize its metabolic rates appropriately. Height sickness envelops a blend of related issues: high elevation aspiratory edema, intense mountain ailment, and high height cerebral edema. The most regular and slightest genuine kind of elevation disease is intense mountain sickness. Individuals are influenced by it regularly and it normally will blur in 2-4 days independent from anyone else. The side effects incorporate dyspepsia, migraines, and weariness, shortness of breath, wooziness and inconvenience resting. Despite the fact that intense mountain ailment by and large leaves all alone, there are some who might want it to leave around the same time.


The noticeable side effects of altitude sickness are general discomfort, sticks, and needles, a sleeping disorder, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diligent fast heartbeat, fringe edema, and fatigue. Notwithstanding this, it is difficult to get therapeutic help with bumpy and rocky areas. Along these lines, one ought to know about home solutions for forestall elevation infection both before evolving heights; keeping in mind you are encountering it.

  • A migraine, which is generally throbbing. It deteriorates amid the night and when you wake up.
  • Not feeling like eating.
  • Feeling wiped out to your stomach. You may upchuck.
  • Feeling powerless and tired. In serious cases, you don’t have the vitality to eat, dress, or do anything.
  • Waking up amid the night and not resting soundly.
  • Feeling bleary eyed.

Your indications might be gentle to serious. They may not begin until a day after you have been at a high height. Numerous individuals say height sickness has a craving for having an aftereffect.

Altitude sickness can influence your lungs and cerebrum. At the point when this happens, side effects incorporate being confounded, not having the capacity to walk straight (ataxia), feeling faint, and having blue or dim lips or fingernails. When you inhale, you may hear a sound like a paper pack being folded. These manifestations mean the condition is serious. It might be deadly. As you go to higher heights, for example, the territories around mountains, numerous progressions are seen in the environment that can influence you. These incorporate icy, low dampness, expanded UV radiation from the sun, diminished pneumatic force and decreased oxygen immersion. Altitude sickness is our body’s reaction to the low pneumatic stress and oxygen ordinarily happening at elevations more than 8,000 ft. On the off chance that you realize that you will be venturing out to high heights, take after a couple of basic strides to avoid Altitude sickness.

Reasons for Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness happens when the mind gets less oxygen. This happens when you move high too quick and the air around you diminish quickly. This drives you to breathe in lesser oxygen than regular, consequently compelling you to inhale considerably more profoundly to get more oxygen. This, thusly, directly affects your mind as it battles to work with the low oxygen levels at higher heights. This condition compounds as you move assist upwards.

Altitude sickness does not influence everybody, but rather, it is very difficult to foresee who will experience the ill effects of the condition also. The individuals who are not used to endeavoring at high heights can likewise stand the odds of getting altitude sickness.

Home Solutions

Home solutions for elevation disorder incorporate drinking water, dodging exercise, and expending acetaminophen, homegrown blends, lemon pop, and ginger. Numerous individuals feel uneasiness and sickness when they move to high heights. This is named an intense mountain or height disorder. Side effects can be seen inside 12 to 24 hours of entry, and they regularly increment around evening time as your body tries to accomplish its resting metabolic rates. A portion of the side effects has expanded the rate of pulse, breathing issue because of physical effort, nausea, tiredness, cerebral pain, and restlessness. Air is more slender at high height regions. The higher you climb, the less oxygen your body needs to inhale, which is the key explanation behind height sickness. To make up for this, you can rehearse profound breathing activities.

  1. Rise gradually

When you are heading out to places in high heights, you ought to attempt to arrive gradually. Your body commonly needs three to five days at elevations above 8,000 feet to adjust it to the earth before voyaging higher. To help with this, particularly in the event that you are voyaging where there are no height markers, buy an altimeter or a watch with elevation meter so as to know how high you have voyage. You can purchase these on the web or from a mountain wear shop.

  • There are some different practices you ought to keep away from. Try not to go more than 9,000 feet in elevation in 1 day. Try not to rest 1,000 to 2,000 feet over the elevation you dozed at the earlier night. You ought to dependably spend an additional day adapting for each 3,300 ft.

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2. Get Rest

Get Rest at high altitude problem

Another approach to battle altitude sickness is to get a lot of rest. Household and global travel can change typical rest designs. This can make you get to be drained and dried out, which builds your hazard for altitude sickness. Before beginning your climb, arrange a day or two of rest to get used to your new surroundings and rest designs, particularly in the event that you are traveling universally.

In an expansion, amid your three to five-day acclimation to your new height, take the principal day or two to rest before investigating the zone.

3. Buy Coca Leaves

coca leaves for high altitude problem


On the off chance that you are flying or high mountain climbing, you may wish to buy coca leaves while you are there. Cocoa leaves can be utilized to avert altitude sickness. On the off chance that you are going to these zones, you may buy the leaves and either bite on it or make tea.

  • You ought to know that even some tea can bring about a positive cocaine tranquilize test. Coca is a stimulant and studies have uncovered that it initiates biochemical changes that improve physical execution at high height

4. Drink a lot of Water 

Drink a lot of Water when you climbing mountain

Lack of hydration decreases your body’s capacity to adjust to new elevations. Drink a few liters day by day beginning the day preceding your outing. Keep an additional liter of water on you amid your rising. Ensure you drink as required on your way down. At the point when you’re breathing turns out to be quick and profound, you have a tendency to dry out at a quicker rate. To counter this, savor water extensive sums to keep you hydrated. Be cautious and check whether the pee is clear and in legitimate amounts. Liquor can add to the lack of hydration issue, so it is ideal to keep away from it totally, particularly when you are moving at higher rises.

  • Do not drink any liquor and stay away from it for the initial 48 hours of your outing. Liquor is a depressant and can back off your breathing rate and cause drying out.
  • You ought to likewise evade juiced items, for example, caffeinated beverages and soft drinks. Caffeine can prompt to the dehydration of your muscles

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5. Eat Properly

There are sure sorts of nourishments that you ought to eat to prepare for your excursion and anticipate altitude sickness. High sugar diets have appeared in a few studies to reduce intense mountain disorder manifestations and in addition enhance the state of mind and execution. Different studies have indicated enhanced oxygen immersion in the blood amid recreated high height tests from the starches as well. It is trusted that sugar weight control plans can enhance vitality adjust. Eat a high sugar slim down before and amid the acclimation time frames.

  • This can incorporate pasta, bread, natural products, and potato based suppers.
  • In the expansion, overabundance salt ought to stay away from. A lot of salts will bring about the lack of hydration of your body’s tissues. Search for nourishment and dinners marked with low salt or no salt included at the general store.
  • Physical perseverance and molding may give off an impression of being a smart thought before mountain climbing. In any case, considers have appeared there is no proof that physical wellness ensures against altitude sickness

6. Maintain a Strategic distance from Exercise 

Exercises ought to be maintained a strategic distance from, regardless of the possibility that it is not through until you are totally directed to the new elevation. In this way, when you are at high heights, put a greater amount of your time in recreation exercises, as opposed to in those which require the cost of vitality. The restricting effort is superior to utilizing a cluster of various medicines. Exercises like running, climbing, lifting, or straining in any way can intensify the manifestations of altitude sickness

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

How about we begin with some great old lemon juice to cure altitude sickness? This juice is known to diminish migraines, coughs, regurgitating and fever connected with altitude sickness. Here are two ways you can admission lemon juice for a similar reason.

Technique 1: Lemon Juice and Garlic

An invention blended with lemon, garlic, and water can ease you off the mixed up and queasy feeling you get at high heights.

What you require:

  • Lemon – 1
  • Water – 1 glass
  • Garlic cloves – 2 to 3

What you have to do:

  • Cut the lemon and press out its juice.
  • Peel the garlic cloves and pulverize them.
  • Add the lemon juice and the pulverized garlic to the water and blend pleasantly.
  • Strain the blend and drink it at whatever point you feel nauseous in the stomach. This will dispose of altitude sickness right away.

Technique 2: Lemon and Honey Juice

All that spewing can abandon you with an extremely sore throat and stomach. Adding some nectar to the lemon juice will relieve the throat and stomach notwithstanding battling the indications of altitude sickness.

What you require:

  • Lemon – 1
  • Water – 1 glass
  • Honey – 1 tbsp

What you have to do:

  • Take 1 glass of water
  • Cut the lemon and press out the juice into the water.
  • Add the nectar to it and mix well.
  • Drink this creation the minute you begin encountering the indications of altitude sickness.
  • This will manage the last viably.

8. Garlic


Garlic is a viable home solution for altitude sickness. Notwithstanding diminishing the blood, it enhances the blood flow all through the body, in this way lessens the side effects of altitude sickness adequately. Garlic likewise helps your body make utilization of oxygen all the more effectively, in this way decreasing the windedness at high heights.

What you require:

  • Garlic cloves – 3 to 4

What you have to do:

  • As and when the indications of height disorder begin setting in; peel a couple of cloves of garlic and begin crunching them.
  • This would diminish the sentiment queasiness and dazedness that goes with elevation ailment.

9.Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Numerous have vouched for the viability of the lavender oil in regarding and additionally counteracting altitude sickness. The possess a scent reminiscent of the oil is known to have narcotic impacts that can quiet the brain and lessen fretfulness. Lavender oil can likewise help in decreasing stomach uneasiness and cerebral pains brought about by altitude sickness essentially.

What you require:

  • Lavender oil – 2 to 3 drops

What you have to do:

  • Apply the oil straightforwardly on the set out toward a cerebral pain that is brought about because of high altitude sickness
  • Alternatively, you can breathe in the oil to repulse altitude sickness side effects like unsteadiness and sickness.

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10. Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds can act the hero in instances of intense altitude sickness with mellow to extreme indications. These seeds have been observed to be extremely powerful in treating conditions like queasiness, causticity, and stomach irritate that go with altitude sickness.

What you require:

  • Fennel seeds – 1 tsp
  • Water – 1 glass

What you have to do:

  • Bring the water to a bubble and add the fennel seeds to it.
  • Let the seeds stew in the water for 10 minutes or thereabouts.
  • Strain the blend and drink it to treat altitude sickness.
  • Repeat this cure at whatever point you encounter the side effects of altitude sickness.

11. Peppermint

People experiencing altitude sickness can get a relief from the condition by choosing peppermint. This herb legitimately answers the question, how to forestall altitude sickness. It contains substances that secure and mitigate the stomach lining. This would, thus, decreases the uneasy feeling brought about by altitude sickness, averting sickness and regurgitating all the while. You can utilize peppermint either as a tea or oil for the issue.

Technique 1: Peppermint Oil

A sudden episode of altitude sickness can be cured right away with some peppermint oil.

What you require:

  • Diluted peppermint oil – 2 to 3 tsp

What you have to do:

  • If you begin feeling sick, notice the peppermint oil to battle the inclination.
  • If you are encountering cerebral pain because of altitude sickness, then apply some weakened peppermint oil on your temple.
  • This would give you prompt help from the sickness.

Technique 2: Peppermint Tea

On the off chance that you don’t incline toward peppermint oil, you can simply depend on peppermint tea to carry out the employment.

What you require:

  • Peppermint leaves – A modest bunch
  • Water – 1 glass
  • Honey – 2 to 3 drops

What you have to do:

  • Boil the water and soak the peppermint leaves in it for around 10 minutes.
  • Strain the blend into a glass and include nectar for taste.
  • Drink this blend each time you encounter queasiness, stomach bombshell or heaving because of altitude sickness. The side effects would vanish very quickly.

12. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Nothing would awaken the mind speedier than a solid dosage of pepper. On the off chance that you tend to feel extremely nausea and dizzy at high heights, consider utilizing cayenne pepper to deal with the issue.

What you require:

  • Cayenne pepper – 1 tsp
  • Ginger root powder – 1 tsp
  • Water – 1 glass

What you require:

  • Add the ginger root powder and cayenne pepper powder to the water.
  • Bring the blend to a bubble and let it stew for around 10 minutes.
  • Strain the blend and drink it.
  • You will begin feeling better immediately.

13. Cinnamon


Cinnamon happens to be another famous solution for altitude sickness. Considers have uncovered that it relieves the stomach muscles, counteracting sickness and spewing simultaneously. On the off chance that you tend to encounter these side effects habitually while traveling or climbing, consider utilizing cinnamon to handle them.

What you require:

  • Cinnamon powder – 1 tsp
  • Water – 1 glass

What you have to do:

  • Bring the water to a bubble and add the cinnamon powder to it.
  • Stir it pleasantly until the cinnamon is broken down in the water totally.
  • Strain the blend and drink it at whatever point you feel sick or experience stomach annoy.
  • Follow this solution for treat altitude sickness.

14. Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba

The gingko Biloba has an incredible reputation with regards to handling altitude sickness and its side effects. It is a standout amongst the best home solutions for altitude sickness. The herb enhances blood dissemination all through the body. Notwithstanding this, it helps your cerebrum endure and acclimate to low oxygen levels in the environment, along these lines keeping you consistent even in altitude sickness. You can utilize gingko Biloba in the accompanying ways.

Strategy 1: Gingko Biloba Tea

This is the simpler of the two strategies to admission the gingko Biloba herb. It would likewise offer moment benefits inferable from its negligible planning time.

What you require:

  • Gingko Biloba leaves – a modest bunch
  • Water – 1 Glass

What you have to do:

  • Boil the water and drench the gingko Biloba leaves in them.
  • Steep the blend for around 10 minutes and strain it.
  • Drink this mixture each time you encounter altitude sickness to rest easy.

Strategy 2: Gingko Biloba Tincture

This cure offers a successful altitude sickness treatment. It would take some arrangement in advance. In any case, it is more powerful than the tea and can truly act the hero when help is really needed.

What you require:

  • Dried gingko Biloba leaves – 150 gm
  • Vodka – 500 ml
  • A glass jolt

What you have to do:

  • Place the leaves in the glass container and add the vodka to it.
  • Keep the container in a dull place, shaking it occasionally to blend the fixings.
  • After a month, expel the leaves and strain them to extricate their fluid.
  • Store this fluid in a jug and take one teaspoon of it at whatever point you feel wiped out or queasy because of altitude sickness.

Note: Gingko Biloba can cooperate with the altitude sickness meds you are now taking. So check with a specialist before picking the herb to utilize it.

15. Licorice


Another outstanding natural solution for altitude sickness, licorice can calm the mucous film of the stomach, accordingly lessening the stomach annoy brought on by altitude sickness. You can devour licorice as a tea to treat altitude sickness adequately.

What you require:

  • Licorice powder – 1 tsp
  • Water – 1 glass

What you have to do:

  • Add the licorice powder to the water and heat up the same for around 10 minutes.
  • Let the blend chill off a bit.
  • Strain it a short time later and drink the blend to treat the indications of altitude sickness.

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16. Take it Easy

If this is your first time at such a high height, relax. Remain quiet and loose on the primary day of your climb until your body conforms to the low oxygen levels in the district. Any type of strain can intensify the side effects of altitude sickness. Avoid practices that would drive you to apply your body. Exercises, like running, climbing or some other strenuous movement, is best kept away from as you concentrate more on restful exercises that help your body and brains unwind.

17. Stay Away from Cigarettes and Alcohol

It is viewed as best to abstain from smoking and expending liquor at altitude sickness. These exercises would get dried out your body and increment shortness of breath. Smoking would likewise diminish your respiratory drive while resting, along these lines compounding the side effects of altitude sickness significantly. So kick down these propensities until you are back at the ground level.

18. Ginger


On account of altitude sickness, this cure has utilized ginger as a part of it will show you how to treat altitude sickness viably. Ginger is known for its complex medical advantages. The herb has an extraordinary capacity to dispose of even extreme instances of altitude sickness in a jiffy. A brisk solution for the condition includes biting on some crude ginger keeping in mind the end goal to battle sickness, heaving, and dazedness at high heights. Then again, you can blend a mixture utilizing ginger and drink it to feel better immediately.

What you require:

  • Raw ginger – 2 inches
  • Water – 1 glass

What you have to do:

  • Peel the ginger and granulate it to concentrate its juice.
  • Mix 1 tbsp of this juice in a glass of water.
  • Drink the mixture before you begin your climb.
  • You can likewise drink it halfway on the off chance that you begin feeling sick or dazed.

19. Eat Easily Digestible Foods

Avoid nourishments that would set aside a long opportunity to process. Your emphasis ought to be on eating nourishments that you can process effortlessly with the goal that they don’t return up your throat when you feel wiped out. Forgo eating garbage, fricasseed or sleek sustenances as they would expand the danger of queasiness and stomach agitated with high heights. Stick to sugar-rich sustenances as these eventual light on the stomach and avoid altitude sickness to a degree.

20. Practice Pressure Breathing/Purposeful Hyperventilation

Shortness of breath is a typical manifestation of altitude sickness. You can battle this by rehearsing weight relaxing. Take a seat and inhale profoundly, concentrating on constraining out all the stale air from your lungs. This will have the twofold advantage of freeing your body of the abundance carbon dioxide while permitting it to admission more oxygen. It is ideal on the off chance that you address a guide or experienced mountain dweller about the weight breathing and practice the same at ground level before you begin climbing. This, thus, will help you to handle shortness of breath effectively as you achieve altitude sickness.

21. Utilize Portable Oxygen Hyperbaric Chambers

On the off chance that you think that it is difficult to handle the shortness of breath that accompanies altitude sickness, consider conveying along a compact oxygen hyperbaric chamber. This will help you increment your oxygen allow as and when you begin encountering shortness of breath while climbing.

22. Climb no Further

Some people tend to continue climbing even in the wake of encountering intense indications of altitude sickness. This is not fitting by any stretch of the imagination. On the off chance that you begin encountering altitude sickness, quit climbing instantly. Take a seat and unwind for quite a while. Sit tight for the indications to disperse totally before you begin climbing once more. In the event that the side effects hint at no diminishing, begin slipping instantly.

23. Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

Lemon juice, ginger, garlic, and nectar are all actually antibacterial. They battle the germs that cause colds and different sicknesses, and they bolster legitimate stomach related capacity. Drink lemon-ginger tea with nectar and garlic 2-3 times day by day for a few days before flying or climbing. This will avert queasiness, steamed stomach, and heaving.

24. Mental and Physical Fitness

A man manages the side effects of altitude sickness better when he or she is both physically and rationally fit. Teach yourself on the physical impacts of altitude sickness so that when they happen, you are rationally arranged to manage them. Visit a specialist acquainted with the requests of altitude sickness. Address any intense medicinal issues like sinus contamination, bronchitis, mid-section torment, heart and lung infections, musculoskeletal conditions, and rest issue before going for the excursion and take drugs that are fundamental for the trek

25. Check with a Doctor

It might be viewed as savvy to check with your general doctor before setting out to a high elevation district. Contingent upon your body condition and limitations, your specialist would most likely give you a redid treatment graph to battle altitude sickness.

Counteractive action

The solely perceived protection system prepares your body for areas above 8,000 feet. Spend a day where your body can get usual to a decreased rise beneath that which you need to be, or scale into a more elevated amount at a speed of 500 to 1000 feet day by day while resting for a day now and then. This will help you to counteract altitude sickness since your body will have the best possible measure of time to get used to the higher rise.

What to pack

  • Shades
  • Sun insurance cream
  • Lip care
  • Water purging framework with iodine tablets
  • A method for correspondence – cell phones now work in some high-elevation ranges, including Kilimanjaro, however, for different mountains, you may require a satellite telephone
  • Plastic shriek – six impacts and a respite is the universally perceived trouble flag
  • A medical aid unit
  • Head light and batteries
  • Facilitate exhortation

And also acclimatizing legitimately and taking physician recommended prescription, you ought to likewise take after the counsel sketched out beneath.

  • On the off chance that you begin to create mellow indications of altitude sickness, remain at your present height until your side effects move forward.
  • In the event that your side effects deteriorate, quickly slide from your present altitude sickness
  • Ensure everybody you’re going with has completely acclimatized before going any higher.
  • At the point when rising above 3,000m, attempt to have a rest day at regular intervals – this is the place you may move higher, yet come back to rest at an indistinguishable elevation from the prior night.
  • Keep all around hydrated by drinking a lot of liquids.
  • Eat an unhealthy eating routine while at height.
  • Try not to smoke, drink liquor or utilize solution, for example, sedatives and dozing pills while you’re at height, as they could make any indications of altitude sickness more terrible. Address your GP in case you’re uncertain.
  • Keep in mind, the danger of sunburn and sunstroke increments at height, so avoid potential risk to forestall them happening. Specifically, ensure you have fitting eye insurance – pro shades, snow goggles or proportional – and utilize them to avoid snow blindness, regardless of the possibility that it’s dim.

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