15 Women Confess Secrets They Have Never Told Their Men

Published Date   19th Jul. 2017, 01:06 am Binesh Shrestha
15 Women Confess Secrets They Have Never Told Their Men

All of us have itsy bitsy secrets about our personal life that we have kept hidden from our partners. Here is a list of women’s confessions of the secrets that have never been revealed by women to their men!

  1. Sleeping with his dad

Sleeping with your boyfriend’s dad can be one of the most scandalous women’s confessions of all time. As read on BroBible a girl shares a story of how slept with her boyfriend’s dad “numerous times” and is still sharing “inappropriate text/emails with him”.

  1. Settling for Him

It is kind of heart breaking to know that this woman had to settle for him just because she “lost the energy to try and start anew”. This girl shown on Thought Catalog shares that she has been married for 8 years and is now finding it difficult to break up with her husband.

  1. Experimenting with girls

This is one of those women’s confessions that will shock most men. As shared on Thought Catalogue this woman confessed that she has “more women than he has”.

  1. Cheating

This one seems innocent than other women’s confessions. This confession made in The tab shares that the woman was so very drunk during the last day of their fresher’s week that she went on to flirt and eventually sleep with a stranger. The sad part is that she had put her equally drunk boyfriend to bed somewhere in the hall.

  1. Naming of their child after her first love

It somewhat sounds disgusting and disheartening for her husband. As confessed by this lady, her husband is totally unaware of the fact that she named her “son after the first guy” that she loved. We will definitely wait for the time when he eventually finds out. It is definitely going to hurt.

  1. In the adult industry

It is somehow funny to know that this confessor’s husband is unaware that she has starred in adult movies. We bet the husband will not be able to look at her the same way ever again if he found out. The confessor lavishly shared that it is on “the internet and a DVD”.

  1. Goofing around

This is one of the most genuine and common women’s confessions ever made. As shared on The Tab, this woman confesses that she used to “get with him” every time they hang out. The disturbing thing was that he had a girlfriend. And when anybody asked about them, she lied” just chatting, classic rumor mill”!

  1. I don’t love you

This confession is a sweet and adorable one. The confessor shares that the first time her boyfriend said I Love You, she “didn’t say it back” but he was so drunk that h forgot the incident the other day and said it back again. The couple has been married for a long time.

  1. Stood him up

This confessor sadly shares that she was about to stand a guy up because she was too tired and bored to shower to go on the date. The confessor shared that she did not want to come close “to hurting him” so she eventually went on a date with him.

  1. Borderline Personality Disorder

As shared on Thought Catalogue, this confessor shares that he has been hiding his Borderline Personality Disorder from his boyfriend. Mental illness is not something you want to keep away from your partner. The confessor shared that it is “manageable” but doesn’t want to lose him.

  1. Miscarriage

In The Daily Mail, a confessor shares that she was in high school when she got pregnant with her boyfriend’s kid. However, she went on to suffer a miscarriage and was heartbroken. She shares that she did not share it with her husband because she did not want to “break his heart”!

  1. Sales of Underwear

This confession is hilarious to even learn about. The confessor in Thought Catalogue shares that she has hid from her boyfriend that she has been selling her panties online. She has chosen this creative method to pay money for her college.

  1. Afraid to say that he is bad in bed

This confessor shares truthfully that her partner is “pretty bad in bed”. She shares that she has “never actually been satisfied sexually” in their relationship.

  1. Suicidal

This one is one of the scariest women’s confessions till date. The confessor shares that she is so deeply in love with him that she could easily “hurt” herself if “he ever left”. N one should be so much in love as to forget one’s self-worth!

  1. Out of her league

The confessor shares that her man has always been so good to him in “every aspect”. She now believes that she “could never be his perfect match” and that he will realize it someday and finally leave her.

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