Top Ten Fittest Celebrities and Their Fitness Mantra

Published Date   25th Jul. 2017, 21:17 pm Binesh Shrestha
Top Ten Fittest Celebrities and Their Fitness Mantra

The celebrities are so busy with their schedules. However, those who manage time and get conscious about their health have ever since a long time stayed healthy. People need to be conscious about workout routines, diet plans and many other eating and sleeping habits to stay fit. Following is the list of ten fittest celebrities who are also smart and enthusiastic enough to keep their health in topmost priority.

Cameron Diaz, 44

Cameron Diaz

Ever since Diaz casted in Charlie’s Angels, she has got into her healthy routine. Her healthy routine is not only about exercise, but it is also about meal prepping. She gets herself indulged in Pilates and weight lifts along with dances and cardio. The famous celebrity is so passionate about health and wellness that she has written a couple of books on it. Her core-centered workout on the regular basis is her mantra for being one of the ten fittest celebrities even when she is halfway through her forties.

David Beckham, 42

David Beckham

The celebrity with athletic background definitely knows how to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, Beckham takes out ample of time from his busy routine to devote it to cardio, abdominal and agility training routines. He sticks to whole body workout routine and less fat containing food items to avoid being bulky. Instead, he prefers to eat a lot of veggies for vitamin and minerals.  His diet plan and extreme workout has given him desirable body at the age of 42 along with making him one of the top ten fittest celebrities.

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Jessica Alba, 36

Jessica Alba

The toned and feminine figure of thirty something celebrity Jessica Alba attracts attention of every viewers. She has a background of a gymnast as she was an NFL cheerleader. Since then, Alba has carried on her fitness routine and is the guru of time management. Her fitness mantra is working out for half an hour and eating 250 calories rather than gulping down 500 calories and working out for hours.

Rihanna, 29


The talented artist Rihanna makes one of the top ten fittest celebrities with her consistent workout. Her talents are yet to reveal as she does exercises that combines martial arts, dancing and calisthenics. She also combines hard-core exercises that include cardio and pushups 5 days a week. Additionally, she plans her diet to five small meals a day. Once again this celebrity manages her time for workout as she believes nothing is more important than health.

Jennifer Lopez, 47

Jennifer Lopez

The hourglass figured Jennifer Lopez has a lot of healthy habits that makes her one of the ten fittest celebrities. She follows 16-hour workdays which include leg exercise and a lot of sweating. Apart from workout this popular celebrity is quite conscious about her eating habits. She cuts down sugar and salt from her diet and avoids cigarettes and alcohol. Moreover, sweating and 8 hours of sleep a night is the reason behind her glowing skin.

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Ellie Goulding, 29

Ellie Goulding

The stunning singer believes in variety to remain healthy. Therefore, she goes to boxing sessions and consumes vegetarian meals. Goulding is obsessed with health and fitness so no matter what she takes time out for her fitness routine and plans. We can see this from her toned figure.

Jennifer Aniston, 48

Jennifer Aniston

The powerful actress Jennifer Aniston is the combination of beauty and wellness. To achieve this, she goes through the general hydration rule. Lemon water is the first thing she drinks after getting up. Since the celebrity injured herself, she can’t commit to yoga. Therefore, she sticks with cardio and barre method to remain one of the ten fittest celebrities.

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Dwayne Johnson “the Rock”, 44

Dwayne Johnson

‘Intense workout’ is the phrase to describe Johnson’s workout. He believes in whole body workout so his fitness routine is the compilation of pull-ups, rope crunches, incline fly and standing calf raise. This entire workout contributes to strengthening muscles. His workout is his way to become a popular professional wrestler and one of the ten fittest celebrities.

David Gandy, 37

David Gandy, 37

The supermodel has a well-crafted body that drops jaw of many people. He gained this body with a lot of hard work. Gandy is very committed to his trainings 5 days a week. Moreover, he is conscious about fatty food and includes vegetables in his diet. The repetitive and consistent variety of workout like cardio, weight lift, low weight supersets and circuits are the secret to his sexy figure.

Will Smith, 47

Will Smith, 47

Will Smith falls as one of the ten fittest celebrities with his 5-day lifting sessions a week. He focuses on weightlift and boxing and eats food rich in protein and carbohydrates. He believes carbs are requirement for brain functioning and energy for workout. This smart celebrity has well-toned body with proper combination of workout and food choice.

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