Why did Erica Mena Beat Raul Conde in Public? Her Child’s Father

Published Date   06th May. 2018, 16:11 pm  Update Date: May 8th, 2018  01:40 pm Binesh Shrestha
Why did Erica Mena Beat Raul Conde in Public? Her Child’s Father

Erica Mena is a reality TV star. Well known for her role in reality TV drama Love & Hip Hop, Erica is always grabbing headlines for her work on and off the camera. However, she grabbed the most headlines after an altercation with her former boyfriend and child’s father Raul Conde.

The Altercation took place outside of My Studio in 2011. Erica attacked Raul Conde outside the studio in the streets. Erica can be seen punching and kicking Conde as he’s trying to escape. But Erica chases down her child’s father and continues beating him as he tries to leave.

A video was posted on YouTube by Hollywood TV where we can see Erica attacking Raul Conde. As seen in the video, Erica chases down Conde, beating him in the process as well as tearing the shirt of her child’s father.


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Reason behind the attack

The attack went viral as people started continuously talking about it. People were left wondering why Erica attacked her child’s father. People started speculating about a blow-up between the two.

During an interview with Hot 97, Erica finally revealed the reason behind the fight. Erica claimed that it was a territorial thing as Raul Conde stepped into her territory. She also revealed that the footage is misleading since the complete fight isn’t seen.


According to the Love & Hip Hop star, her actions seen in the video is actually a defense mechanism as Raul Conde laid hands on her first. Erica lamented that she was being portrayed as the bad guy which according to her, is not the case.

Erica also said that she regrets her actions as they have a son together. She said they should have been peaceful and shouldn’t have attacked her child’s father.

Erica’s troublesome relationship with Conde

Erica Mena has had a troublesome relationship with Raul Conde. She started dating Conde back in the mid-2000s. In 2006, Erica was pregnant with Conde’s child. She gave birth to a son named King Conde in 2007 while being only 19 at the time.


But their relationship didn’t last much longer as Erica claimed that the father of her child Conde would physically abuse her. She said that Conde would be violent with her and that she even tried to adapt to his behavior because of love.

The biggest blow-up in their relationship came in 2o11 when Erica attacked her child’s father on the streets as seen in the above footage. They had already broken up at the time.

The couple briefly got back together in 2013 but are no longer together.

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