Artist Zoe Leonard is married to her work. Dedicated and Focused

Published Date   29th Apr. 2018, 17:25 pm Binesh Shrestha
Artist Zoe Leonard is married to her work. Dedicated and Focused

American Artist Zoe Leonard was born in Liberty, New York in 1961 and is considered as the most critically acclaimed artist of her generation. Her 1992 prose poem “I want a president” had been a center of controversy and was shared by thousands on Instagram and Twitter and even in the New York Highline.

Zoe in her career has mainly produced her work in photography and sculpting. Her works are uniquely focused on lyrical observation of daily life tangled in intense external circumstance on themes of loss, morality, seriality, and changes of landscapes over time. Leonard was dropped out of school in 16 which triggered the beginning of her artistic career.

Leonard started to taking photographs and spent most of her adult life in New York whose structural side became a fascination for her works. Zoe has been inspired by New York’s concrete environment which is visible in most of her work (e.g. sidewalks, apartments, storefronts, fences, graffitis).

Zoe Leonard husband

Zoe Leonard’s poem I want a president 1992 in High Line, New York. 
Image Source: vice

Zoe has been dedicated to the artistic life of hers and has not been linked in any sorts of relationship. There is no factual information to prove wheater Zoe Leonard is lesbian or who Zoe Leonard’s husband or boyfriend is. Leonard’s love and passion for her art creating career must have made her zone out on the emotional ties and focus more on herself.

Leonard spent most of her adult life in New York and during the mid-1990s she had spent two years in a remote part of Alaska which later influenced her artwork. Zoe Leonard’s work contrasts on the relationship between humans and the natural world itself. Leonard’s reconstructed tree in 1997 Vienna sets an example of her love towards nature.

Zoe Leonard Relationship

Zoe Leonard born in 1961 lives and works in New York. 
Image Source:  Big Bend

Zoe Leonard lives and works in New York. Leonard’s work in sculpting and photography has been acclaimed for more than three decades. Since Zoe’s arrival on the scene in the 1980s, she witnessed the city’s shift and change around her which shaped herself. Leonard’s installation Strange Fruit (1992-1997) where she sewed the skins of common fruit is widely loved and is inseparable from her earlier work in AIDS activism.

In 1998 Leonard underwent an 11 years long project where she photographed storefronts and paint a neighborhood in a transition of capitalism and cruelty. Leonard is very generous and gives something to take with like a vantage point and loves taking pictures. Zoe lives in New York and might be single or may have a happy relationship life which she has been keeping under wraps.

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