Learn More About Actor Al Madrigal’s Wife Krystyn Madrigal. Any Children Yet?

Published Date   04th Mar. 2020, 14:19 pm Binesh Shrestha
Learn More About Actor Al Madrigal’s Wife Krystyn Madrigal. Any Children Yet?Al Madrigal's wife is a secretive person. Image Source: Shutterstock.

Laughter is medicine for every problem. A funny man who consoles crying woman has a high chance of being in a relationship with her than those who prefer to lecture. Therefore, it was not much hard work to find a woman for American comedian and actor, Al Madrigal.

Despite being a star, Al Madrigal found love in an ordinary woman and has been married for a while now. But, Al Madrigal’s wife, Krystyn Madrigal, seems to be a very grounded person and loves her privacy a lot. That may be why she’s not available in any form of social media.

However, we are curious, and all of us are curious about who occupies the heart of the fantastic comedian. Let’s scroll below to know more about Al Madrigal’s spouse.

Madrigal’s Relationship With His Wife

With a relationship getting old, so does the romance between the two. However, a comedian can never allow the charm of a relationship to fade away. Therefore,  Al Madrigal’s wife, Krystyn Madrigal, is a fortunate woman and a secretive person.

Al Madrigal's wife

Despite being the world’s renowned stand-up comedian, he found his love in an ordinary woman who would be on the limelight of Madrigal’s life. Image Source: Pinterest. 

There is not much about when the couple shared their vows. However, Madrigal did announce that he met his wife in San Fransisco Bay Water and had their kids there. Furthermore, his wife worked as a kindergarten teacher for several years in Bernal. Likewise, in an interview, he confessed that the marriage saved his life.

Mr. Madrigal proudly continues that he has a shallow will power since comedians stay out most of the nights and have effortless access to alcohol. Hence, the marriage forced him to stay sober, and maybe the will of becoming a children’s role model might have driven him away from the alcohol.

Al Madrigal's spouse

Al Madrigal appreciates his wife’s hard work. Image Source: Al Madrigal’s Instagram. 

In a podcast called Tigerbelly, Madrigal revealed that his wife is a Korean-Greek and opens up about having issues with his mother in law. Because Madrigal’s sweetheart is a hardcore secret keeper, she refrains from appearing anywhere and continues to live her life in privacy.

Krystyn Madrigal And Al Madrigal’s Children

Al Madrigal’s spouse, Krystyn Madrigal, is a very secretive person. Being a half Korean, she is maintaining her life very private. Although Al Madrigal talks about his family and shares his stories with the world, the face of the actual people is nowhere to be found.

However, during an interview with The Vulture in May 2017, Al Madrigal revealed that he is a proud father of two children.

Madrigal has an excellent relationship with his children and reveals that they think he’s hilarious. Madrigal also adds that his children have a great sense of humor, and he enjoys their company. Furthermore, he also “ruined” their childhood saying there’s no Santa.

Horrible thing to reveal to a child! But Al Madrigal is a very realistic dad, and so he set his jet off and made his son face the reality of “No Santa Claus.”

Al Madrigal's children

Al Madrigal made his children face reality pretty soon. Image Source: Madrigal’s Instagram.

Although Madrigal’s son shares an outstanding bond with him, he cannot wait for them to leave home and leave his wife alone. Because the children can cause a little more hazardous and violate the privacy of parents, his eagerness can be understandable.

Papa Madrigal continues to say that he wants his kids to be a kind person and a hardworking one. He feels as long as there are effort and kindness in whatever they do, Madrigal has nothing to think of outside of that. That’s what parent support should sound like.

Family That Is A Good Comic Inspiration

Well, Al Madrigal is an accomplished stand-up comedian; therefore, he travels a lot. Although the family does not travel together, they can be the inspiration for comedy. For this one time, he made a whole 2 minutes of ranting like how a pregnant woman can be horny and bloated at the same time.

Al Madrigal’s history of working in a human resource department and firing people, stage acts came naturally for him. “The Daily Show” host has won the hearts of millions of audiences and continues to do so. Besides stand-up comedy, Krystyn Madrigal’s husband also has contributed some remarkably great contribution.

The Daily Show host has starred opposite to Ben Affleck in The Way Back, Kevin Hart in Night School, About A Boy, and many more.

Let’s hope Madrigal’s family continues to grow stronger just as his career is. Furthermore, let’s also expect to see his family more than hear about them.

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