Lisa Boothe Age, Bio, Net Worth, Hot, Husband & Fox News

18th Dec. 2016, 14:08 pm
Lisa Boothe Age, Bio, Net Worth, Hot, Husband & Fox News
Quick Information
  • Birth Name: Lisa Marie Boothe
  • Date of Birth: Oct 26, 1977
  • Nationality: American
  • Qualification: Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Government from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Age: 39 years
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Talking about Lisa Boothe bio, she is a Republican strategist who is often featured on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN. She has also contributed for the Washington Examiner. Smart and hot Lisa Boothe age is 39 as of now.


Beautiful and hot Lisa Marie Boothe is a founder and President of High Noon Strategies. She has a high level of involvement in political interchanges, being associated with Fortune 500 organizations, and exploring the urgent situation. She is a persistent visitor on the Fox News Channel, CNN, and Fox Business Network. She is also a political commentator. There is no Lisa Boothe husband as she is unmarried. There are only rumors about her marriage and relationships because of limited Lisa Boothe bio.


Lisa Boothe age, hobby, religion, and other personal information can be hardly found, however, some sites have claimed that she was born on 26th of October, 1977, in Ohio, West Virginia. Her ethnicity is white. Lisa Boothe bio is insufficient and somehow unclear.

Early Life and Childhood

Lisa Boothe age was small when she and her family moved to Washington D.C. She was raised in D.C. In 2007, she received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. At the University,  she was part of the Phi Mu sorority.

Lisa’s family was from a political background. Her political career started in 2010 when the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) supported the US House of Representatives.  Lisa Boothe bio can hardly be found on the internet because of her secretive nature.

Net Worth and Career

The Founder and President of High Noon Strategies, Lisa Boothe has her specialization in political communications.  Before establishing High Noon Strategies, she was a member of the executive team at WPA Research. She used to lead the polling efforts for political campaigns all around the nation. She was also the Vice President of Political Polling and Public Affairs Research where she worked in political campaigns for data-driven messages development.

Lisa Boothe in Conversation

Lisa was the Senior Director of Black Rock Group during 2014 election cycle where she led the communications works for a Fortune 500  company. Prior to Black Rock Group, in 2012, she was the chief spokeswoman for the Sandy Adams  (United States Congress) and Tommy Thompson’s Senate campaigns throughout the election year cycle. In 2010, she was associated with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) team which supported the Republican Party to win back the House of Representatives. Due to limited Lisa Boothe bio on the internet, her net worth is uncertain but one can easily guess that it must be in millions USD. She is both financially and politically strong.

Girlfriend and Spouse

Beautiful and hot Lisa Boothe age is 39 and still she has no boyfriend. There is no Lisa Boothe husband as she is not married and has no children. She is a busy professional who has no time for love and relationship. She is also secretive and keeps her stuff private and does not like to share her information with the outsiders. She might have affairs in her past life but she is like a closed box, she does not reveal her stuff to anyone. We can hardly see her private photographs and videos on social networking sites. If we look at her beauty and brain, we can assume that Lisa Boothe husband is going to be the luckiest one. Her marriage is the most awaited one for her fans and followers. She is beautiful and has a sexy figure. Finding husband for her is a piece of cake to her but maybe she is waiting for her Mr. Right. As for now her boyfriend or husband is her career. She is a hard working independent woman and can take care of herself. This may be the reason she is not having any affairs with anyone. Her choice and priorities can be different. Nevertheless, she is happy for being single and getting not distracted from her work and career.

Award and Recognition

Beautiful and hot Lisa Boothe is a strong independent woman with her top level political ties. Because of Lisa Boothe age and her personality, one cannot imagine if she is so much powerful and resourceful woman. She is recognized as a woman who can manage a large company, do high-level dealings and negotiations and politically influence people. She is a superwoman capable of doing almost everything.She has more than 21 thousand followers on her twitter account. Lisa Boothe age is just 39 and she has done a lot of brilliant efforts in politics. She has yet to do many new things and achieve success in her endeavors. Besides her progress in her political career, her followers are anxious to know who is going to be Lisa Boothe husband.

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