Tips on Writing a Boast-free Sample Personal Statement Essay

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Tips on Writing a Boast-free Sample Personal Statement Essay

It is important to find a balance between modesty and arrogance when writing a sample personal statement essay. Although it is never wise to sound like a senatorial candidate in a sample personal statement essay, it’s not also advisable to sound like you’ve never achieved anything in your life. The type of sample personal statement essay that can secure you a slot in the college or university of your choice is the one that highlights your good points without being too conceited.

«A sample personal statement essay should not be treated as just another school admission requirement», says Dona Apollo, an editor from company. Schools use your sample personal statement essay to evaluate your character, values, beliefs, and traits. Your individuality, among all factors, is the most important criterion that school admission evaluators consider when making their decision on whether to accept you into their institution or not. A well-written sample personal statement essay, and not good grades, is your best shot in securing a slot in college admissions.

Writing an effective sample personal statement essay

A sample personal statement essay, which is also referred to as an admission essay, is a written school requirement that reflects the student’s individuality. An excellently written sample personal statement essay may actually help students get admitted to the college or university of their choice.

The admissions committee responsible for evaluating your sample personal statement essay will carefully critique the way you constructed your essay. The admissions committee’s interpretation of the essay is not necessarily similar to what you wish to convey, so you have to be extra cautious in writing a sample personal statement essay. You may write about your achievements with pure modesty but it may appear too conceited for the admissions committee.

Instead of discussing your glorious moment or instant popularity, try explaining the hardships you’ve faced on your way to success. Discuss how you discovered new things, learned new lessons, or developed new values because of the experience. Mention how thankful you are for being blessed with such an overwhelming recognition. It is not wrong to write about your achievements but you have to divert the focus of your sample personal statement essay from the achievement to the humbling experience.

A sample personal statement essay should not focus on achievements alone. In fact, you can also write about your personal weaknesses and support them with explanations about your desire to overcome them. One of the things that appeal to admissions committee the most are the students’ ability to admit their shortcomings. By pairing your shortcomings with your desires to be a better person, you can almost guarantee yourself with a school acceptance letter.

Ruining your school admission chances by being too modest

As weird as it may sound, revealing too much modesty in your sample personal statement essay may even cost you that precious slot in your dream college or university. Which one has a higher chance of admission? An overly modest straight-A student or an overachieving student leader? Try to find the balance between modesty and self-promotion and write the sample personal statement essay that will secure your college education.

Sample personal statement essays differ from one to another. This is why you must take the time to read different sample personal statement essays to get insights and ideas. Your personal statement essay should give admission officers a glimpse of your life experiences and how these influenced your choice of program. It’s also important that you write about your career goals and why you chose the path you’re taking now. Different sample personal statement essays can help you learn about various styles of writing that you can try to adapt as well when writing your personal statement essay.

A good sample personal statement essay is concise, easy to read, and interesting. Yours should be that way as well. Once you’ve finished your outline and you’ve written your thoughts down, you should proofread and edit your essay thoroughly.

You can also ask trusted readers and advisers to go over your personal statement essay and make suggestions. This way, you can get to know other people’s opinions about your personal statement essay and make revisions and adjustments to your essay. Give yourself adequate time to write your essay so that you can add ideas as you go along, and cut paragraphs when needed. You should also make sure that your essay is concise, interesting, and meets the word count criterion.

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