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hile traveling relished all of your senses and makes your mind wander and go free, it can create havoc on your skin. Travel related beauty problems can be hard to recover, even after a long time. Traveling is not only good but at times stressful. Combine the stress with a new environment and you have the perfect concoction for a ruined skin that will take forever to return back to its glory. For those travel freaks, we present the tips to keep skin healthy when traveling.

  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

The beauty benefits of regular moisturization have been stressed upon a lot, even during your normal days. Needless to state, moisturization is absolutely essential on those days where you travel around the world.

Apply an intense moisturizer on the day before you fly. This will help increase hydration on your skin during your flights, preventing it from dehydration due to intense cabin pressure.

No foundation

Skip the foundation and wear the only moisturizer when you travel. If you absolutely need to apply foundation, apply a silicon based primer first, so that your skin does not get ruined. This will prevent your skin from getting dehydrated.


  1. Prevent oily skin

Use tissue papers and make sure that you blot out unnecessary oil from your skin by dabbing the T-zone of your face. Blotting paper or rice papers work best.


  1. Use a mist

Instead of topping up more makeup and making your skin more dehydrated, opt for a mist. Use a mister of mineral water and add a dab of moisturizer to retain the youthful and fresh look.


  1. Packing is essential

This is another one of the extremely important tips to keep skin healthy when traveling. Pack your high-end beauty products and don’t forget them home, as the same things can have a much lesser quality or a much higher price abroad. You can, however, buy soaps, talcum powders, body lotions and fragrances overseas.


  1. Keep it as natural as possible

Avoid putting on too much makeup and too much mascara when traveling, embrace your natural lashes. This is yet another one of tips to keep skin healthy when traveling. Skip cream eye shadows and make sure yo travel as natural as possible, as there will be a lot of uncomfortable when you are trying to enjoy yourself as well as manage the makeup on your face.


  1. Don’t touch your face

On a vacation, the best tip of keep skin healthy while traveling is to keep your hands off your face. You will be picking up an unknown level of bacteria as you travel. Touching your face too often will cause your sensitive skin to have breakouts. It’s best to wash your hands properly with an antibacterial hand wash before actually deciding to touch your face.


  1. Carry your cleanser along

Cleansers should not be changed too often as an abrupt change might cause a disruption in the skin’s acid balance. Hence take your usual cleanser along with your while traveling and save your skin from being subjected to harshness.


  1. Adequate rest is mandatory

This is yet another important tip to keep skin healthy when traveling and even when you are not traveling, a beauty rest is essential for proper look and also for proper brain functioning. Nap on the plane too. Dab some night cream around your eyes and don a sleep mask to get the required sleep. This will help you look and feel fresher when you wake.


  1. Hand cream is mandatory

To prevent the skin on your hands from drying out, slather some hand cream every time you wash your hands. Use it liberally throughout the trip or you will be left with chapped hands that take forever to heal.


  1. Dab on some shimmer

The precautions you take against having a natural and fresh looking face during a vacation will certainly fall short because of a number of reasons. However, if that is the case, a good shimmer powder or cream will come to the rescue in such a condition. Stroke shimmer lightly on top of cheeks, lips and the bridge of the nose for a fresh look.


  1. Lip care

Apply a good lip balm liberally to prevent the lips from drying out. Use a medicated lip balm for this. Also, skip the long lasting kinds of lipsticks as they will further dry out your skin and patch your mouth. Instead, if you want color in your lips, apply different layers of tinted lip balm to hydrate it.

Travelling takes a toll on your appearances in a long trip, no matter what. Drink adequate water, relish the traveling experience, sleep well and follow all the essential tips to keep skin healthy when traveling, for making your face ready for every picture and every snap on the way. Happy travel!!

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