Which PS2 BIOS to Use When Running PlayStation Games On PC

Published Date   19th Sep. 2020, 16:04 pm  Update Date: September 23rd, 2021  02:43 pm superbhub
Which PS2 BIOS to Use When Running PlayStation Games On PC

Gamers on a small budget buying a PlayStation console for their popular games have to admit that gaming rivals are genuinely a gift from God. 

There is no reason to acquire an expensive gaming console like the PlayStation. If you know how to use the emulator and download the PS2 BIOS download, you can easily play it on PlayStation titles on your Windows computer. 

A software that allows you to play video games on your computer without purchasing an emulator console. The emulator can read any PS game PS2BIOS file. Use your PC as a display and storage for your ROMs. So let’s see how to run PlayStation games on a computer without any hassle.

You need to know if it works with emulator PS2BIOS files to give you the best gaming experience. By adjusting these PS2BIOS resolutions, shades, and many filtering adjustments, we enhance the game’s graphics.

Steps on how to use PS2 Bios to run PlayStation games on PC

I don’t think this process is complicated. Here’s a complete guide for playing PlayStation games on your computer using the PCSX2 emulator as an example. It’s not the only emulator you can use, but it’s very efficient. Let’s begin.

The initial step to do is to choose a PlayStation emulator. You need to pay attention to the most popular PCSX2. The reason many gamers choose PCSX2 is that they can configure graphics and control settings and a powerful emulator. 

The emulator allows you to run only PlayStation games on your computer. Other emulators are required to run GameCube games. PCSX2 is available for PC, Mac, and Linux computers. 

You will then need to run the downloaded file to start the PCSX2 installation process on your computer system. More so, you will be redirected to the installation wizard. You have to hit “Next” until you see a drop-down menu to choose from in the plugin configuration. They are essential for a better gaming experience.

This procedure is a bit complicated, so be very careful. You need to enter the PS2BIOS file. This file is essential to know where you are playing your PlayStation game. BIOS files are available by country and year. Gamers should download the PS2BIOS file according to the correct location. 

After downloading the PS2 BIOS file, you must copy and paste the .zip file to the following location: C: Users [User Name] DocumentsPCSX2bios. Note that this is the default path for all PS2BIOS files. You can change the directory as needed. 

I need to extract the contents of the following zip file: You need to copy or paste it in the root directory in your PS2BIOS. Then the installation wizard of the PCSX2 emulator should update the list of PlayStation2BIOS files. Select your language and press the “Done” button. Congratulations. The PS2BIOS installation process is complete.

Download and Install Your Games

Finally, we are getting close to the long-awaited stage of installing and playing your favorite PS games on your computer. So, you are free to install any game you want from popular ROM Websites such as ROMS Download. 

When the file download is complete, extract the zip and ISO files (note that only the ISO files can be played using the PCSX2 emulator). 

Here, go back to the PCSX2 emulator and reference the downloaded ISO file by pressing the CDVD option in the menu bar and selecting the ISO selector option. Click the “System” option in the menu bar and select “Start/Restart CDVD.” This is all you need to install PlayStation games successfully.

At this stage, you will learn how to configure control settings for the best gaming experience. You need to go to config >> Controllers (PAD) >> Plugin Settings. You need to select the PAD1 tab and click Delete All to delete the basic items. You can now set the desired new item. 

Final Thoughts  

Familiar with the whole procedure to install and run PlayStation games on your computer using the emulator. The steps may seem a little more complicated, but it’s not difficult at all.

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