How to Choose The Right Style for The Living Room?

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How to Choose The Right Style for The Living Room?

The living room is the main room in the house. Here you spend time with your family or rests alone, have fun on holidays, receive friends. Creating the perfect vacation spot isn’t easy. The room can be cramped, disproportionate, and have a non-standard shape. Finally, it can be a walk-through room. But the time and effort spent on renovating the living room in an apartment of any layout will certainly pay off – there is no room that, with proper design, would not become comfortable and attractive.


The successful arrangement of furnishings uses all the possibilities of the room and neutralizes its shortcomings.

  • If the room has the shape of a square, the furniture should be arranged in the way when the main “load” falls on two walls opposite each other.
  • If the room is too small, the sofa should be moved to the window. A corner sofa will fit more compactly here.
  • In the large living room, the furniture core (sofa, coffee table, armchairs) moves to the center of the room.
  • It is definitely not worth locating furniture along the walls, it will not add beauty to any room.
  • In the middle of a too-long, elongated room, it is better to put a sofa, leaning its long side against the wall. This technique will visually divide the room into two more proportional spaces.


If the room is used not only as a resting place, it can be divided into zones that will replace the missing rooms. Do not allocate more than two or four zones in one room.

Several ways to highlight zones:

  • Furniture – “partition” in the form of a sofa, bar counter, shelves with books. To find some qualitative furniture pieces that can play a role of the partition you can go to Nationwide Furniture Outlet.
  • A section of a wall or floor that has a different finish from the rest of the surface. For example, the floor in the hall is lined with laminate, and ceramic tiles are laid in the kitchen area.
  • Partitions, screens, curtains.
  • Separate lighting for each zone.
  • Use of floors of different levels.
  • A niche in the wall – and not only deep, just place the head of the bed in the niche to highlight the sleeping area.
  • Arched openings.

The design of each of the zones should harmoniously blend in style and color into the overall design of the living room.

The palette in the interior

Color significantly affects the emotional state of a person. The combination of shades can be pleasant, annoying, alarming, overwhelming. Therefore, the color scheme is perhaps the most important thing that you should consider when you are designing your living room.

It is worthwhile to be careful when choosing a bright decor for the living room; in the apartment in the photo from a design magazine, the combination of rich and sharply contrasting shades will look very stylish, but in everyday life, such color solutions can be tiresome.

A safe choice – calm and soft shades, since the living room is a place of rest and relaxation. It should be considered that usually, we spend our time in the living room in the evening hours, so the chosen color scheme must be tested in electric light.

Three criteria for selecting the color scheme of the room decoration:

  • the size of the room;
  • degree of illumination;
  • arrangement of windows.

In small rooms, you should limit yourself to light shades. The same can be said about the interior of the living room in an apartment with a lack of natural light. It is recommended to “warm-up” the northern rooms with warm tones, and southern, sunny ones – to balance them with cold ones.

In the interior design of the living room, all the components are important – the shape of the furniture, the design of the floor, the chosen style, and the color scheme. To take into account all the details and create a beautiful and stylish interior, you will need the help of designers. And our article will allow you to decide on your favorite style.

Living room design in modern style

The modern style in the design of the living room is usually multifunctional, prefers quality to quantity, and looks very stylish. There is a desire for pale hues, white walls, and a passion for symbolic accessories.

If you are going to decorate the floor with a parquet board, then it is better to choose gray and white tones, for example, ash-colored parquet and the option with a pearl tint will look sophisticated.

Loft – the charm of brutality

The loft style originated in the USA – in Chicago, Detroit, then spread to Boston and New York, provoking a stir all over the world under the slogan: “There is life in old factories! And it is better than the traditional one ”.

The interior of the loft-style living room encourages us to look at the appearance of the apartment in a different way – to add here spaciousness, open space, large windows, and double ceiling heights. It teaches not to be afraid of bold shades of furniture and decor, unusual parquet, for example, with a varied texture, very dark, decoratively aged.

Minimalism is the most laconic style for living room design

In the style of minimalism, we see the love for perfection, perfectionism. There are no unnecessary details here, there are only laconic lines, subtlety, and grace in the design of furniture and decoration. Monochrome palettes are very popular – white, gray, complemented by black will look astonishingly. 

Provence in the interior of the living room

Provence is an interesting style for decorating a living room. Due to his French roots, it adores light shades in design – grays, pale browns, and whites with a vintage tint, sometimes dark brown in coffee tones. For example, here you will be greeted by a classic oak, but bleached or with a slight olive tint, with a brushed effect and matte varnish.

Neoclassicism in the design of the living room – a sophisticated and aristocratic image

The neoclassical style is an adherent of everything traditional, refined, elegant. Among all the materials for flooring, high-quality parquet is most suitable here. In the design of neoclassicism gravitates towards the symmetry of the room’s composition and to the accurate placement of all decor elements.

Pastel shades in the sandy, gray, and coffee colors predominate in the interior. 

Rustic in the interior design of the living room

In the rustic style, high-quality finishing materials are very important. When choosing a living room design in this style, first of all, you should think about the design of the walls with stone or wood. All materials used in the room’s design preferably be natural, even unprocessed, with a rough surface. 

The color palette better to be more neutral and closer to nature’s shades. Among all shades for rustic style, light brown, in apricot or delicate caramel version, are best suited. 

Scandinavian style in the living room interior

For a Scandinavian-style design, you definitely should strive for functionality and simplicity with a modern, natural, and stylish appearance. The most characteristic colors for the Scandinavian style are light and relaxed tones in the wall colors and deep warm tones in the furniture, floor, and decor elements.

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