Best Five Work Out In the Time Of COVID

Published Date   26th Feb. 2021, 10:22 am superbhub
Best Five Work Out In the Time Of COVID

If there’s something that might feel more tiresome than running back-to-back marathons, perhaps it’s hearing yet another person refers to “the new normal.” Yes, COVID-19 is still here and not only does it look like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, it in fact appears to be revving up for an even more potent second wave.

What to do in a world where it feels as if the walls are literally closing in on you? Binge on Netflix? Been there, done that. Catch up on your reading? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with exercising the mind. Maybe check out Canada Sports Betting and at least you’ll be getting some action. Inaction is the enemy, after all. Never forget that. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest.

COVID-19 Culls Fitness Opportunities

Maybe your gym is still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, or perhaps it’s shut down again because the second wave has hit your community with a vengeance. It might be that you simply don’t feel safe going to the gym for a workout. That’s entirely understandable.

Certainly, anyone who was working out in a group setting, whether it be a yoga, zumba or spin class, is out of luck. Likewise, people who gained their exercise from a team sport, such as pickup hockey at the rink, golfing the links or softball on the diamond, has also lost their easy access to a workout

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop, or even that you need to stop. When it comes to getting the body moving and giving yourself a release from tension of a lockdown, it’s a vital course of action for your personal well being. While frustration at losing out on so many activities that you enjoyed, both from the way they made you feel and the social aspect they added to your lifestyle can feel overwhelming and you might want to give in and just give up, that course of action simply isn’t wise.

Public health officials are emphasizing the value of regular exercise in order to combat coronavirus fatigue. Working out is always good for a person’s body and psyche. But it is essential right now to maintain both your physical and mental well-being. It’s one of the best methods for quelling the stress and anxiety that the COVID-19 outbreak is afflicting upon everyone’s lives.

Regular exercise boosts the immune system, a vital factor in fighting off COVID-19 should you be infected with the virus. Exercise in combination with sensible, nutritious dietary habits will prevent weight gain and promote weight loss. Getting into a steady habit of working out will also improve the restfulness of your sleep patterns and will improve your mood by reducing your levels of stress and anxiety.

The good news is that there’s plenty of methods to get exercise in everyday life that don’t require equipment, or even leaving the house for that matter.

Take It Outdoors

If you’re able to, the easiest way to get on the move is to move it on outside. Go for a walk, or a run, or a bike ride. Access the trails in your neighborhood. Remember to deploy the COVID-19 safety regulations. Maintain a six-foot safety distance from others. Wear a mask, especially if the trails tend to be popular with people.

Go Virtual

Whether your workout of choice is yoga, Pilates, cardio kickboxing, strength training, barre, or dance, there’s going to be an exercise video you can download to do a daily workout regimen at home. Do a Youtube search for your favorite type of exercise and you’re sure to find a number of workout options to try out. Or you could hold virtual dance parties with your friends on Zoom.

Check with your gym. They may be offering virtual classes, enabling you to workout with your regular instructor.

While doing workouts make sure to keep your self hydrated. Picture Source: Pinterest.

Do Your Chores

All that stuff around the home that you’ve been putting off until tomorrow? Well, tomorrow has arrived. So paint those cupboards. Wash the car. Cut the lawn. Rake the leaves. Empty those gutters. Powerwash the outside of the house. Clean the basement. You’ll be getting exercise and be left proudly feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Set Up A Home Workout Plan

Amazingly, you don’t need free weights or Nautilus machines to create resistance. You can do it with your own body. Push ups, crunches, squats, lunges, planks, chair dips, leg balancing, floor bridges – you’ll be amazed at how they get your muscles going.

It’s easy to set up a home circuit workout that can work your muscles and get the sweat flowing without accessing a single piece of exercise equipment.

Set Goals

Make a plan and stick to it. If it’s yoga, then establish a daily regimen at a certain point in the day and set that time aside as your yoga session. If running’s your thing, try to lower your personal best for 5K. Challenge yourself and exercise won’t feel like a burden but rather it will give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

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