Chinese Public Adjuster in Los Angeles

Published Date   30th Aug. 2018, 10:08 am Sadi
Chinese Public Adjuster in Los Angeles

You would have heard about public adjusters who work on behalf of clients in getting their claims cleared from insurance companies. So, who are public adjusters?

A public adjuster is a claimed adjuster, also known as claims handler who takes up the claims of a policyholder and negotiates it with the insurance company. The public adjusters are independent professionals who have obtained a license from the state department of insurance and can legally represent the rights of the claimant.

By representing for the policyholder, a public adjuster can help the policyholder get claims on the insurance policy during an adverse event like theft, damage to property or car, fire, accident, etc. However, the public adjuster will not help the policyholder to get claims more than the valuation of the loss.

The public adjuster will correctly evaluate the value of the loss and will negotiate with the insurance company and help the policyholder in getting the claim. The public adjuster will charge a fee to the policyholder, the client for the services rendered.

Generally, the fees are based on the percentage of the total settlement. In most states, the average fees are 15 percent of the total settlement but may vary based on the type of the insurance and amount of the claim.

One may wonder why a policyholder will hire a public adjuster when there is an insurance company adjuster who will help in getting the claims processed.

The insurance claims adjuster is generally the professional who deals with the insurance claims process. Since most of the insurance claims adjusters are the employees of the insurance company, they will work on the claims process with the best interest of the company.

The estimate for damages provided by the insurance claims adjuster will often not be in the best interest of the policyholder. In such cases, a public insurance adjuster will be an ideal choice. Some of the instances, when public insurance adjusters will be beneficial for policyholders is when policyholders face large losses or when the insurance claims adjuster fails to communicate openly and honestly with the policyholder.

Or in matters when there is a disagreement between the insurance claims adjuster and the policyholder where the policyholder believes that the insurance claims adjuster has not reviewed or evaluated the damages properly, then in such cases the public adjuster would come in handy.

If you are a Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean or even an English speaking policyholder and is looking for an expert public adjuster in Los Angeles, then it is worth considering the services of Excel Adjusters.

Excel adjusters are independent licensed public adjustment company in Los Angeles. They are excellent in representing their clients’ claims with respect to damages to property due to theft, fire, water, earthquake or flood. Excel adjusters ensure that they assess the damage caused to property by taking a thorough evaluation process.

They are good with their negotiation skills and they do it very professionally as they have good relationships with insurance companies. They work with the best interest of their clients and make sure to get maximum recovery for the clients.

Their efficiency can be seen by looking at the credibility they have earned with the insurance companies. They ensure to give unique care to each of their clients irrespective of the number of clients and claims they handle on a day to day basis. They believe that each client is valuable and their needs and claims are just as unique as their clients.

Before hiring a public adjuster it is crucial to know whether you are choosing the right one. Here are some tips to consider whether the public adjuster you are thinking of will suit your needs.

  • Get a sense of the public adjuster in the way they communicate and interact.  If you have called or written an email to a public adjustment company, assess how they respond to your call or email.
  • Assess if they sound professional, genuine and prompt. People who have the basic courtesy to respond to others’ call or email are generally people who value others.

Hence if the public adjuster is some who is genuine and prompt and values prospective customers, then they will respond to your call or email promptly. They will sound professional in their communications and will demonstrate genuine concern by listening well to your problems. They will show patience, interest and give attention to details even before you hire them.

Excel Adjusters is a reputed company as they have been successful in settling the claims of their clients and have earned higher satisfaction among clients in claims recovery.

They do not persuade prospective clients to sign a contract but offer a free consultation and give the clients an opportunity to make an independent and informed choice.

They provide all the necessary information with regard to the claims recovery process so that clients are not ill-informed before making a decision. Excel adjusters take pride in their business because of their integrity and passion in recovering the claims of the clients with 100 percent satisfaction.

You can actually contact Excel adjusters for a free consultation and discuss your case details with any of their highly talented and trained professionals without any obligation to hire them. If you are completely satisfied with your free consultation then you make your choice to hire them or not.

The team is qualified to identify, evaluate and quantify the full extent of your loss with the insurance company and will give you the necessary guidance, advocacy, and expertise with regard to your insurance claims.

Excel adjusters have a proven track record of their clients in getting them the best settlement of their claims and for repairing of damages incurred as per the client’s policy. Excel adjusters are professionals of integrity as they take only a small percentage of the policyholders’ claims as fees if they are successful in getting a recovery on their clients’ claim.

They do not charge any expenses or fees if no recovery is obtained by the client on his or her claim. In the midst of so many public adjusters who pressurize policyholders in paying a huge sum of fees for the services rendered, Excel adjusters is truly an authentic public adjustment company.

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