A little Touch to Taylor Swift

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A little Touch to Taylor Swift

A little Touch to Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter, a superstar who managed to completely crossover from country to the mainstream. Possibly, she was the severest, populist singer/ songwriter of her peer group who could join the spirit and turn it into personal and just as remarkably, perform the contrary. This sense of confidence had been specious in Taylor Swift since the very starting.

Taylor Swift at her early years

In 1989 on December 13th Swift was welcomed into the world in Reading, Pennsylvania. Later on her family swift to nearby Wyomissing where she spent her early years on her family’s Christmas tree farm which she explains it as one of the most magical and amazing ways to grow up. Scott Kinsley, her father was a stockbroker and her mother, Andrea was a full-time mom. Her grandmother had been a trained opera singer and Swift soon at the age of 5 tracked in her footsteps. Swift sang in fair and contests including the variety of local events. At the age of 11, she sang “The star-Spangled Banner” at a Philadelphia 76ers game. She began writing her own songs at 12 years old and along with that she started learned guitar. Taylor attended Wyndcrott Elementary, a co-ed private school. Due to her willingness in poetry, she always admires the great poets like Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. At the very tender age, she wrote the multiple pages of poems about the monsters, girls, and boys that gave her distress. She won the national poetry contest by grade fourth.  Her incredible poetic competence enhanced her language skills and according to Swift poetry is what twisted her into a remarkable songwriter.

Journey to Musical Career

Swift’s breakout single “Tim McGraw” success the airwaves in 2006. Her inspiration towards the song was drawn from her senior boyfriend whom she was seeing with as soon as he left the college. The song title was wisely raised by her management team. Earnestly, no one would expect one of the biggest country music stars failures, and it didn’t. Swift’s incredible vocal delivery and skill for the song was worth praising by music expertise. The song was also distinct on Billboard’s Hot 100. Taylor was just 16 when her album Taylor Swift released in 2006 which success on selling 39000 copies in its first week and mounting to no.5 on a billboard. Her dedication towards song break the record all over the world and was falling for her music. For the promotion purpose, she conducted meeting-and-greet sessions with her fans and touring to the USA. In 2007 she became the youngest person to be named as a song writer of the year.

Unbelievable achievements of Swift’s at the very young age

Swift was introduced to the world in 2006. She is definitely one of the most god-gifted country musicians. Taylor’s extraordinary talent and appealing songwriting capabilities and her hard work and persistent passion made her frame rise in a very short span of time.  Taylor has been the waves in the music scene ever since the release of her self-titled debut album. In 2009 her second album fearless” became the best album in the USA. Swift’s recorded her name even in the Guinness Book of World Records as she was the first solo female with two million-selling weeks on the U.S Albums chart. In 2013 Swift’s was the highest earning musician. She got nominated for several songs in ACM award in 2014. Further, won the Billboard Music Award for the woman of the year for the second time after being privileged in 2011. In 2015 Swift’s again won the milestone awards.

Some Facts about Taylor Swift

At present, Swift is one of the popular superstars who has won 7 Grammy awards, 11 American awards and 6 country music awards.

Swift’s height is 5ft 10 inches whereas weight is 54 kg or 119 pounds

Cheesecake is her favorite food similarly 13 is her most preferable number.

Her poem titled “Monster in my closet” won a national poetry contest.

“Lucky you” was the first song that she wrote.

Taylor Swift created the name in the history by being the top selling digital artist

Though Taylor does not have any favorite movies but she is always fond of Disney movies

Do you know why Taylor Swift often changes her hairstyle?

Going back to the year it’s concluded that Swift’s is one of the celebrities who often prefers styling her hair in a distinct way. Tay started with the country girl curl then tried a smidge to flat iron in 2010. Moreover, she has been seen with own big bang theory and beach princess look also. Finally, it’s time for trim-bang-bob. Generally, it’s overviewed that Swift changed her hairstyle right before she drops a new album. Once she had to chop her hair as the extensions started damaging her hair.

What’s something new about Taylor Swift relationship?

When it comes to love, Tay love life has hashes at times but, that’s ok we too have. Taylor Swift again back to the sole life. Recently she breaks with the latest boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston. No doubt, she is gorgeous, talented, rich, and sweet yet seemed hard for her to hang onto a man for more than a few months. Though I don’t know her personally but according to all the accounts and interview, she’s is an incredible person which is not that easy to find in Hollywood.

Did you know the reason why many of us like Taylor Swift?

The bulk of the song that we hear from her is written by her. Not only that the songs have a catchy tune too.

After the failure with Apple, the whole world comes to adore her much more. Tay life story, her victory, and her enthusiasm to risk her reputation to speak out for the weak made her a glossy confidence for others.

Tay ethics of working hard and giving the priority to her fans and to the world is something that always makes her the best.

Finally, her unique personality and pretty face are the plus points besides the talent she got that makes her much more adorable.

A guitar on a girl seems quite different. But, this difference made Taylor so popular.

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