Merritt Wever clarifies her dating affair rumors! Is she married or has a boyfriend?

24th Mar. 2017, 23:01 pm
Merritt Wever clarifies her dating affair rumors! Is she married or has a boyfriend?

The witty and outspoken, Merritt Wever is always quite upset when it gets to misinformation and rumors by the tabloids. Well, she has been the victim of it so to speak! Well, more recently, Merritt Wever lashed out at one of the tabloids for getting most of her information wrong! Is she married? Is she dating? Let us clear that up!

Is Merritt Wever married?

The answer to this question is a strict NO, as said by Merritt Wever herself! So, there, it clears the rumor. When asked about her personal life on July 2009, she pointed out to the social media site, IMDB for having most of her information wrong!

She gave all the tabloids and paparazzi a piece of her mind when she lashed out at IMDB saying that it is ‘dangerous’ and that the statement which wrote that she was raised as a member of “ the leftist party” was “grammatically or otherwise” not correct. Merritt shared that he mother was a leftist liberal and that she grew up in a “Jewish socialist summer camp”.

It did not end at this! Meritt Wever had more to clarify! Wever revealed that contrary to what her IMDB profile said, she was NOT married and that she lives with her boyfriend.

Who is Merritt Wever’s boyfriend?

Wever’s boyfriend is the cute American writer and director, Noah Buschel! The couple has been in a relationship for many years but has not married till date. They live together. The 36-year-old, Merritt Wever does not have any kids.

Wever is very much active in the field of acting. More recently her sexuality was questioned when she played the role of a lesbian surgeon ‘Dr. Denise Cloyd’ in the famous series, the Walking Dead. However, she is very much with her boyfriend is only an on-screen lesbian. When the show killed her character, another lesbian or gay character killed in the series, the fans of The Walking Dead were wild with rage and sarcasm.

However, Merritt Wever has been highly successful in her conduct as an actress. She has been getting a lot of praise lately. While Wever’s professional career is going great, it is easy to say that so is her love life with boyfriend, Noah Buschel. Both the couple are adorable and successful! We hope the best for Merritt Wever and Noah Buschel!



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