Benjamin Maisani Net Worth, Bio, Bar, Night Club, Facts, Gay Partner

Published Date   11th Jan. 2018, 15:56 pm
Benjamin Maisani Net Worth, Bio, Bar, Night Club, Facts, Gay Partner
Quick Info
Birth Name:Benjamin Maisani
Date of Birth:27/01/1983
Age: 35 years old
Net Worth:$4 million
Qualification:Joined Hunter College to study art

Benjamin Maisani grew up in France and moved to the USA in 1934. His full name is Benjamin Antonio Maisani. He changed his name to Ben after his settlement in the USA. Ben is openly a gay. His relationship with his homosexual partner, Anderson Cooper, gained the limelight of media. He still has the French Citizenship and enjoys his life in the USA. Ben and his gay partner currently living in a renovated firehouse in Greenwich Village. This famous couple bought this house for whopping $4.3 million. He has substantial bar business. Benjamin Maisani net worth amounts precisely $4 million.


Benjamin Maisani was born in Corsica, France on January 27, 1973. He moved to the USA when he was twenty-one. He struggled for years in the USA before working at local Morgan Library for a year. His struggling ability helped him into existence, and later he found a job in a bar. Bar changed his life upside down. His introduction with an American journalist, Anderson Cooper, then converted into love. The news of being homo couple became viral in social media. Benjamin’s togetherness with Anderson news went on air and Ben became a famous face. Since they are together, 50-year-old celebrity helps Benjamin in his business, which enhanced Benjamin Maisani net worth.

Who is Anderson Cooper and What is his relationship with Benjamin Maisani?

Anderson Cooper is renowned American journalist, author, and television personality.

He primarily anchor’s a news show Anderson Cooper 360º in CNN.

Cooper is successful and famous for his profession.

Cooper is efficient in covering famous stories, including Tsunami damage in Sri Lanka and the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

He is a gay partner of businessmen Benjamin Maisani, and they are living together since 2009.

Reportedly, they soon are going to tie their knot.

 Early Life and Family

Benjamin is originally from France, and he spent his childhood there. Information about his parents and family is a mystery till date. Life of Benjamin in France is a mystery.

After the completion of high school, he joined Hunter College to study art in the USA.

He left France in 1994 and shifted to the USA. Earlier, he worked in a local library and a gay bar.

In the mid-2000s, he decided to do his own business and inaugurated his gay bar named ‘Western Bloc.’

When did Anderson Cooper introduce Benjamin Maisani as his Boyfriend?

Benjamin and Anderson are openly a gay, and they have been in a relationship since 2009.

During Christmas party in Anderson’s office, he announced Ben as his Boyfriend.

Although, the Homosexual relationship is legal in the USA they didn’t marry till date.

Who visits the Benjamin Maisani’s gay bar?

Ben owns four bars in his name and “Western Bloc” is famous among them.

Huge personalities visit his bar including Whoopi Goldberg and Andy Cohen.

What adds to Benjamin Maisani’s net-worth?

Four bars add a considerable amount to Benjamin Maisani net worth. His net worth has grossed approximately $4 million.

His relationship with Anderson Cooper and his work experience as bar owner has earned some celebrity status.

Social media

Initially, they didn’t express a lot about their relationship on social media.

Benjamin doesn’t have twitter and Instagram account as he doesn’t want to celebrate celebrity status.

But his partner, Anderson, keeps him no away from social media. Internet is flooded with their pictures together. And Cooper loves to have him accompanied in social events. He’s so much in love with Benjamin.

On May 29, 2017, Anderson and partner shared Selfie from Venice Vacation.

The longtime couple went to Venice, Italy for a long weekend holidays. His pictures and captions shared in Instagram shows that they had a great time together.

He is the art expert…. I’m the complainer who wants to take naps.

A post shared by andersoncooper (@andersoncooper) on

Benjamin in Venice…. Why is he making me go to every single museum?

A post shared by andersoncooper (@andersoncooper) on

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